I live in Madison, Alabama USA

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-- Obligatory "Under Construction" disclaimer --

This page is still very much under developement. I plan to add some original stuff relating to my interests:

The following photos are included to keep the page from looking so plain until I can get around to doing some of the other things I want to do.

This is me, around 1994-1995

This is me kayaking on Short Creek, probably around 2001-2002

This is me kicking back into NAP mode on the lower Flint River, probably 2002

This is me examining a Geocache near one of the Landtrust trails on Monte Sano, late 2001

This is N&W Class J Locomotive No. 611 in Chattanooga, TN

Send me e-mail at BarryL@HiWAAY.NOSPAM.net, but remove the NOSPAM first

This was last updated (very slightly) in 2004