1862 Blount County
Confederate Census

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Compiled by Clifton Warren Weaver, 1983
Additional Material from Volume II by Carolina Nigg, 1992
[Reproduced here by the kind permission of Warren Weaver]

From the Foreword of the original publication: A census of all soldiers who had enlisted was taken by the Blount County Commission, 6 Jan 1862. Page 1 begins: "Be it remembered that on this day pursuant to an act of the General Assembly of said state approved the 11th of November, 1861 a called session of the Commissioners court in and for said county was begun and held on the first Monday it being the 6th day of January, 1862, at which time the following business was done, to wit, a list of the volunteers and their families who have left the several beets [sic] in Blount County, Alabama with a careful annexed statement of the amount each will need the present year."

These can be found in the Commission Court Minute Book, 1862 - 1880, pp. 1 - 43. The old Commission Court records are located in the probate vault of the county courthouse.

The list was compiled under the direction of John C. Gillespie, Probate Judge.

Webmaster notes:
The 1862 Blount County Confederate "Census" was not a census in the traditional sense. It was a way by which the local governing authority sought to identify which native sons had volunteered for the Confederacy during its first year at war and to see that the families left behind were properly taken care of in the absence of their men. Blount County was not alone in seeking to enumerate and take care their families during the War. Spencer A. Waters in his 1992 book, Confederate Soldiers of Lawrence County, Alabama cited that county's wartime County Commission Books for source material. Examination of other area County Commission Books might yield similar information.

Names are presented alphabetically by last name first. Some names abbreviated in the original document, are expanded here when known. The information comprising the remainder of the entry is pretty much identical to Weaver and Nigg's compilation, arranged in paragraph form. The bracketed information in Red serves as a cross-reference to the rosters some of the Blount County companies of Confederate Soldiers. Some Blount County marriage information was listed in brackets as well. Keep in mind the list here names some soldiers which were not found during examination of the company rosters from the Compiled Service Records. Other soldier's companies were apparently misidentified by the enumerator; at any rate, they were different from the other available records. Other soldier's companies and regiments were identified by using the Federal Government's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System site: http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/soldiers.htm

When the list was alphabetized, some duplicate entries were noted. Those were left as they were found. Finally, this enumeration or "census" is not comprehensive. This researcher is aware of several Blount County natives who enlisted in some of the same companies at the same time as the ones listed here, but somehow did not make this 1862 list.

Discrepancies: Confederate companies and units were added where it was obvious based on the description where the man served. Most of the time the researcher can then find a corresponding service record in the specific unit and company file. However, there were instances where a soldier recorded in the 1862 "census" did not have a corresponding service record. This was due to many records which became lost during the chaos of the War Between the States.

Updated: The original 1862 Confederate Census by Warren Weaver was updated with much more information found in the County Commission Books by Carolina Nigg. Those additional entries are indicated by the names in this color.

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