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My name is Bryan Smith. I was born in Huntsville, AL in 1974. I now live in Birmingham, AL. I moved here in November, 1998.

Over the years I have accumulated many different hobbies. Currently I like: water skiing, body building, playing hockey, scuba diving, boating, ice skating, motorcycling & ATV's, & jetskiing.

I have always been what you might call a water baby. I could swim at the age of four. So I have a great love for most any water sport you can think of, many of which I still want to try. I learned how to water ski when I was about six years old. I could slalom pretty good by the age of ten. I love to ride Jetskis and any other type of personal water craft. I also like kneeboarding and trying to see how high I can jump off the wake. There is a newer sport called wake boarding. I haven't had a chance to give this a whirl yet.

When I was eleven I got my P.A.D.I. Openwater scuba diver certification. Seven years later I went on to get my I.D.E.A. Advanced Openwater certification and then on to get my I.D.E.A. Search and Rescue certification. In October 1999 I got my Nitrox mixed gas certification. I enjoy scuba diving and try to go on a few trips each year. Some of the best diving I have done was in the Florida Keys. While in Marathon Key I dove a wreck called the Thunder Bolt. It was the best wreck I have ever seen. The bridge of this ship was in about 80 feet of water and the bottom of the stern was at a depth of about 120 feet. You could swim through the bridge of this ship. It was a type of a cargo carrier. There are many coral reefs in the area that are very pretty and are not so deep. They are usually about 30 feet deep.
Below is a picture of an angel fish from one of the reefs.
Angle Fish               

Here are some diving links:

This love of watersports may have something to do with my great love of boats. I like to look at Motor Yacht magazine, Sail boat magazine, Power Boat magazine, and check out the latest and greatest cruisers. I find cigarette boats pretty fascinating too.

Boating, PWC, & Water Skiing Links:

I like to get off road when I can and explore and go muddin'. I had a '91 Mazda B2600i standard cab 4x4 for about a year and a half. I put some BFG 31x10.50 all terrians on it and it would go most anywhere. This truck was a lot of fun. I sold it in August of 1995. I have missed it ever since. I am planning on getting an older Toyota (87-92). In the mean time I will have to ride the trails on my Suzuki DR350. Below are some of my favorite 4x4 and muddin' links. (3/4/97) Well I ended up getting a new Toyota in December. It is a 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4. It came factory with Firestone 31x10.50 all terrians. I'm glad they were factory because my speedometer is correct. On my Mazda I went up about 4 sizes on the tires and my speedometer was off by about 5mph. The only thing I wish it had is auto-locking hubs. That was real convenient on the Mazda and they never gave me any touble. However, I don't really care for the "Shift on the fly" push button. I have heard several horror stories about the button failing when you need it most. As much as I like to go out and play in the snow, with my luck that would be the day the button quit working. I also hear these systems have trouble in below freezing temperatures. (2/9/00) Well last May I finally had to trade the Toyota for something with more power to pull my 23ft. Chaparral Deck boat. It is a 5000 pound load so I had to get a V8. I ended up trading for a 1999 Chevrolet Z-71 with 327ci in it. I like it a lot. It does have the push button 4-wheel drive and I hope it keeps working. I sure would hate for the button to go bad while it is snowing. I hope to have a picture of it up soon. I have been riding the Huntsville area trails on motorcycles since 1993. Since I grew up here in Huntsville, AL, I already knew where most of the trails were. Either one of my older brothers showed me or I had already found them hiking or on my mountain bike. I have found some pretty good places to ride a dirt bike. Many of the trails are ones I used to ride in my truck but have since been closed off with big road blocks. But of course a bike will go most anywhere! I also drove a Honda CBR F2 600 for a while. It was a real rush but I don't trust other drivers on the road so over all I consider it too dangerous. I like riding the trails and catching air a lot better. Check out these motorcycling links.

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