1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4

White Tacoma

This was my Toyota that I owned for 2 years. It was the SX model. The tires were Fireston 31x10.50x15 all terrains. It has the 2.7 150hsp 4-cylinder. I was impressed with the pickup of a four cylinder. It is comparable to my dads '93 V6 Ranger (160hsp.). I was afraid the gas milage of the V6 would be too bad. This one gets 17-18 in the city and about 20-22 on the highway. With an 18 gallon gas tank I get about 300 miles to a tank. In comparison to my '91 Mazda 4x4 this one has much more power and pickup. However I think the BFG 31x10.50's that I had on it did better off road and in the mud but it is hard to tell. I think the BFG's were of a harder compound because they seemed to skid easier but last longer.

I ended up trading out of my Tacoma in 1999 because I needed a V-8 to pull a 24ft. deck boat.

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