2001 SR5 Toyota Tacoma 4WD Double-Cab

=> Celeste * <=

2001 SR5 Toyota 4wd Double cab - with
3.4L v-6 engine, EFI, available with
- or - without Removable top!
Also has: Cruise control, PS,PB,PW,PL,TW, AM/FM/Cass/CD,
Class III receiver hitch, Gray cloth interior and tinted windows.

(as of: 29-AUG-02 she has 16,100 miles on her.) *(sold)

Want more information? ~ Contact Dee and ask!

2001 Toyota SR5 Tacoma Double-cab.
2001 SR5 Toyota 4wd Tacoma double cab.

2001 Toyota SR5 double-cab.
Let mouse rest on any picture for a description. Click image for larger picture.
Toyota 4wd double-cab. Top view of 3.4L engine. Close-up of - 3.4L Toyota V-6 engine. Rear of truck without topper.
Celeste - has only 15,300 miles! Left side close-up of engine. Celeste with -or- without topper. Rear view with topper.

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