1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner

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1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner - with
Solid front axle, EFI, Bilstein shocks and Removable top!
1985 Toyota SR5 4Runner.
1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner.

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1985 Toyota SR5 4Runner.
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Bilstein Shocks all around! Close up of SR5 instrument cluster. Dash of - 1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner. Close-up of altimeter / inclinometer.
EFI 22RE engine Right side rear seat. Right front of 22RE engine. Rear view of 4Runner.
22RE, 5-Speed - 1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner! 1985 with Solid Front axle. Father and Son -- enjoy their time together. Removable top - 1985 SR5 Toyota (solid front axle) 4Runner.
Left door interior. 1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner - Rear interior view. Left rear seat. Right side interior.

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