This is Skeletor's contribution
to Bouncing-Betty.

Disassembly photos of Skeletor / assembly of Bouncing-Betty.
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Skeletor's contribution to Bouncing-Betty.
Rear of the 3.0L Toyota V-6 engine.  Both dogs - checking out skeletor. Left side - Bouncing-Betty. Bouncing-Betty waiting for Skeletor's V-6 engine. Right side view - bed removed.
Right side interior. Left front with crushed sheet metal. The 3.0L engine -- before any parts removed. Another view of interior carpet with seat out. We're ready to chew any parts or tools left out!
Rear view before any sheet metal was removed. Picture after Skeletor's last ride. Top view of Skeletor's 3.0L engine. Left side view with steering, clutch, and brake components removed. Right side of cab with most of components removed.
Getting ready to remove Skeletor's 3.0L engine. Skeletor's transmission / transfer case. Looking from rear towards back of engine through the empty transmission tunnel. Skeletor's engine finally out! Skeletor's empty engine bay.
Skeletor put up a good fight. After a lot of work the the V-6 wiring harness is out. The cab - in last stage before removal. Cab removed -- now it's time to remove the fuel tank, suspension, and remaining components. Rims / Tires removed -- now onto the suspension components.
Greg practicing to weld  3.0L engine mount. Grinding weld smooth before painting. Both engine mounts welded and ready for paint. Toyota V-6 engine finally installed! Thanks to Greg helping, V-6 engine is installed in 4Runner engine bay.
Right front view - front hubs / rotors, fuel tank, rear springs, and complete rear axle assembly removed. Time to stop for the day! Toyota 4wd Front Differential. The original 22R four cylinder engine. Bouncing-Betty waiting for the 3.0L Toyota V-6 engine. Bouncing-Betty with V-6 / Toyota 3.0L engine installed.
Toyota V-6 engine installed and runs! Let's see, was it the red wire to the blue wire? Body Lift - made by welding washers together. Looking through floor to fuel tank lines. Now the fun part, wiring 1984 steering column components into the 1991 harness.
Skeletor's Contribution photos. Skeletor's Contribution photos photos.
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