1982 Toyota 4WD - Sold!

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Sold: 28-FEB-2004

1982 Toyota 4WD - with Solid front axle,
Slider rear window, 22R engine with Carburetor, 4-speed manual!
1982 Toyota Pickup 4WD.
1982 Toyota 4WD Pickup - Sold.

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1982 Toyota 4WD.
Let mouse rest on any picture for a description. Click image for larger picture.
Right front view - with Solid Front Axle! Front view with Push-Bar! Price a new Push-Bar. Left front side.
Right front of 22R engine Front view of 22R engine. Left front of 22R engine. Inside view of dash.
1982 Toyota 4WD - 22R, 4-Speed stick shift. 1982 with Solid Front axle.
Rear view - Tail gate closed. Rear view with tailgate down. Left Rear view. Left Front view with door closed. Left side - door open.
Looking in from left side. Left inside different view.

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