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Bouncing-Betty 1984 SR5 Toyota 4Runner.
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Top view of Skeletor's 3.0L engine. The original 22R four cylinder engine. Bouncing-Betty waiting for the 3.0L Toyota V-6 engine. Bouncing-Betty with V-6 / Toyota 3.0L engine installed.
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 03:08:46 +0000
Subject: [Toy4x4] .Bouncing-Betty's 3.0L V-6 Toyota engine is running!

Thank you, To all of the Toyota "collective" that provided me with tips. :-) To a mechanic one of the best sounds is that of the engine running! - Tonight, (Friday November 22, 2002), at 6:22 pm CST the 3.0L Toyota V-6 engine in Bouncing-Betty came to life! Woo Hoo! :^) It was one of the best sounds I've heard in a while. ;-)

There still remains the integrating of the steering column electrical systems, (Ignition switch, turn signals, lights, wiper controls, 4-way flasher, etc.), but the Engine is running and warmed up close to normal operating temperature. We shut her down after about 30 minutes, checked the coolant, added more coolant, and ran her for about another 15 minutes. This has been a major accomplishment. The recipient of the 3.0L Toyota V-6 engine and many other related systems is a 1984 Toyota 4Runner!

I must give credit to Heavenly Father too. After all of the work to the fuel and electrical system last night she still didn't want to start. I had checked everything that was engine related, but still no start. This afternoon, I knelt down and offered up a prayer, asking for divine intervention to prompt me what to try next. After about 20 minutes I felt prompted to disconnect, clean, and reconnect several of the connectors and perform a few more voltage checks with my VOM. The readings were normal and as I turned the Ignition switch it happened. She Fired up! Betty's transplanted engine came to life. I still have the entire interior, dash, sub-dash, and related electrical connections to complete, but She starts and her engine runs! :-)

Oh yes,
(and I did it all without any Liquid Nails and kept the stock Thermostat!)
Happy Trails,

~ Dee
- Southern Toy Man - RCRC #31 TLCA #7039

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 17:15 (CST)
From: Southpaw Smitty
Subject: [Toy4x4] .Bouncing-Betty is on the road again! :-)

Hi Folks,
my news...

...Bouncing-Betty, (my 1984 Toyota 3.0L equipped 4Runner), is on the road again!!! :-)

Yep! It's true. Monday June 16, in the late afternoon I drove Bouncing-Betty out of the garage for the first time under her own power! This was such an Adrenaline Rush! ;-)
Then Tuesday got the insurance for her and began driving her on the roads, highways, and interstate. Get this, Believe it or not She gets 18.2 MPG City! :^)

The task now remains for me to integrate the rear window, rear wiper, and rear washer fluid pump into the 1991 Toyota V-6 wiring harness. So far she drives out real nice. I plan to replace the rear stock 4Runner springs and 2 inch lift blocks with 5.5 inch Superlift springs. There are also 3.5 inch lift springs waiting to be installed in place of the stock 1984 Toyota front springs.
Any comments, tips, or suggestions welcome.
Happy Trails,

~ Dee
- Southern Toy Man - RCRC #31 TLCA #7039

Want to visit my Links Page? Click on the Worklight. 1985 Toyota 4wd SR5 4Runner with A/C, Altimeter / Clinometer! - Sold. Home sweet home - January 1, 2001.  Linda-Lou, the 1991 Toyota 4wd 4Runner.
Toyota AISIN front locking hubs -- Exploded view from my Toyota Factory service manual. My brother, Scott's FJ40 parts truck - Sold. Sketch of the different Toyota models. Image from  Back of 1991 Toyota 4wd 4Runner showing spare tire carrier.
Left side of Sandy, my 1997 Tacoma. (This picture was taken July 2001 in Arizona) Here is Sandy on part of Upper-2 at the GSMTR 2001. Right side of Sandy, my 1997 Tacoma. Tacoma brush guard - Sold.
Original 22R engine, (was in Bouncing-Betty-2), now removed. The 3.0L V-6 transplant from Skeletor is installed and runs! Here is, Bouncing-Betty-2 my 1984 Toyota 4Runner. Friday, (November 22, 2002), at 6:22 pm CST the 3.0L Toyota V-6 engine in Bouncing-Betty came to life! Don't believe it snows in Alabama? Check out Bouncing-Betty-2 my '84 Toyota 4Runner. Bouncing-Betty waiting for Skeletor's engine.
One of my first pictures taken with, (Skeletor), my 1991 Toyota 4wd parts truck. Left front view of Skeletor Right side of Skeletor Left side of Skeletor

This is "Skeletor" (my 1991 Toyota parts truck), or at least what's left of it. :o )

Click on Skeletor for RHD Tacoma Extra-Cab 4wd commercial.

Care to see a right-hand drive (RHD) Toyota Extra-cab 4wd "in action"?
^^ Click on the picture above. ^^

Want to visit my Links Page? Click on the Worklight.

List of items For Sale from "Rolled" 1991 Toyota 4WD pickup truck
**I will accept all reasonable offers for these parts**

  1. * Blue carpet (good condition, std. cab)
  2. * Kick panel covers
  3. * Door threshold covers
  4. * Front Brake components: calipers and rotors
    {brake components are from a 1984 Toyota 4Runner.}
  5. * Stock Torsion bars
  6. * Bedliner tailgate protector.
  7. * Front bed panel (in good condition, no rust)
  8. * One (1) inside Door armrest
  9. * Both Outside (chrome) door handles
  10. * 2 Door latching / locking mechanisms
  11. * New in-the-box - rear brake shoes for 1984 Toyota 4wd
  12. * Heater core
  13. * Inside fan / blower assembly
  14. * Both front Axles -- [Left front axle shaft is bent]
  15. * Miscellaneous interior parts Grey and brown from first generation 4Runner.
  1. * 1982 Toyota 4WD pickup - Sold!
  2. * Tacoma Brush Guard (sold)
  3. * 1985 SR5 Toyota 4Runner - (Sold)
  4. * Spare Tire hoist assembly (Sold)
  5. * Windshield wiper motor (Sold)
  6. * Windshield wiper arms (Sold)
  7. * Windshield washer fluid reservoir w/washer fluid pump (Sold)
  8. * Steering wheel (Sold)
  9. * The Complete front differential (w/stock gears from V-6 equipped truck)
    (this is the one pictured) - follow above link. (Sold)
  10. * Complete Blue Tailgate (Medium Blue metallic paint code # 8E3) [Sold]
  11. * IFS steering gear box (Sold)
  12. * Pair of Aisin manual locking hubs (Sold)
  13. * stock Front Chrome bumper. (Sold)
  14. * stock Rear Chrome step bumper w/black plastic top pads. (Sold)
  15. * Both "A" pillar plastic covers (Sold)
  16. * Two electric antenna motors both work (Sold)
  17. * Both pair Door hinges (Sold)
  18. * Left side manual window regulator (sold)
  19. * Right side manual window regulator (Sold)
  20. * Complete Dash
  21. * Coolant overflow container (sold)
  22. * Class III receiver hitch ["Draw-Tite" brand](Sold)

==> All interior colored items are Blue <==
==> what few exterior parts that remain are Medium Blue Metallic paint code # 8E3 <==

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