The Worst Witch


Filmed on location at St Michael's College Tenbury Wells, England

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Diana Rigg as Miss Hardbroom
Charlotte Rae as Miss Cackle
Charlotte Rae as Agatha
Tim Curry as The Grand wizard
Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble
Sabina Franklyn as Miss Spellbinder
Su Elliott as Delilah
Danielle Batchelor as Maud Warlock
Anna Kipling as Ethel Hallow
Kate Buckley as Donna
Leila Marr as Pixie Brown
Lisa Brice as Zoe Chant-Vestry
Katrina Heath as Sophie Hattrick
Tara Stevenson as Gloria Hobgoblin
Laura Heath as Misty Meadow
Sophie Cook as Natalie Sinister
Sophie Millett as Verity Sinister
Julia Nagle as Bubble Toil
Kathryn Lacey as Goodie Twocharm
Nevena Raley as Dawn Undercover
Caroline Woolf as Julie Vanishing
Amy Shindler as Spinner Webb
Pui Fan Lee as Prefect

Title Song by:Wizard Song by:
Produced by: Colin Shindler
Directed by: Robert Young
Written by: Jill Murphy
Casting Director: Maureen Riscoe
Additional Songs and Music by: Denis King
Director of Photography: Ian Hollands
Production Designer: Giovanni Guarino
Costume Designer: Gwen Hartley
Make-up and Hair: Tricia Berry
First Assistant Director: Stan Harding
Second Assistant Director: Cheryl Gabriel
Stage Manager: Prue Haynes
Production Assistant Cathy Daniels
Sound: Frank Minton
Boom: Tim Hodge
Props: Joe Vauchan
Caffer: Brain Best
Focus Puller: Paul Rudge
Clapper Loader: Gary Flavell
Key grip: John Baker
Graphic Designer: Geoff Pearson
Art Director: John Demetri
Production Secretary: Marilyn Ward
Assistant Film Editors: Derer Hall
Stephen Cottrell
Sound Editor: Nicholas Moore
Assistant Sound Editor: Kant Pan
Dubbing Mixer: Tony Anscombe
Charles Strouse
Don Black
Charles Strouse
Don Black
Title Song Performed by: Bonnie Langford
Special Visual Effects: Tom McKerrow
The Wizzard song edited by: Craig Price
Special Effects Lighting Designer: Brian Harris
Supervising Film Editor Andrew Denny
Executive Producers Hilary Heath
Lewis Rudd
Adapted for Television by Mary Pleshette Willis

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