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U.S. 1977-1985  174 X 25 min. episodes (Company)
                22 X 25 min. episodes. (Crowd)  Color

First Telecast: March 15, 1977 (Three's Company)
Last Telecast: Sept. 18, 1984 (Three's Company)

First Telecast: Sept. 25, 1984 (Three's A Crowd)
Last Telecast: Sept. 10, 1985 (Three's A Crowd)

Spinoff to The Ropers in 1979
Based on the British sitcom 'Man About The House'.



Three's Company:

Jack Tripper................................................John Ritter
Janet Wood (1977-84).......................................Joyce DeWitt
Chrissy Snow (1977-81)...................................Suzanne Somers
Helen Roper (1977-79).....................................Audra Lindley
Stanley Roper (1977-79).....................................Norman Fell
Larry Dallas (1978-84)....................................Richard Kline
Ralph Furley (1979-84).......................................Don Knotts
Cindy Snow (1980-82)..................................Jennilee Harrison
Terri Alden (1981-84)..................................Priscilla Barnes

Three's A Crowd:

Jack Tripper................................................John Ritter
Vicky Bradford (1985)....................................Mary Cadorette
James Bradford (1985).....................................Robert Mandan
E.Z. Taylor (1985)........................................Alan Campbell


EPISODES:  (Alternate titles were in use on some episodes)

Three's Company:

1st Season: (1977)

1. "A Man About The House" (pilot) #0101  

          After their roommate Eleanor leaves to get married, Janet
     Wood and Chrissy Snow look for a new roommate. They don't have to
     look any further than their bathroom as Jack Tripper, a crasher
     from the party the night before, is asleep in their tub. After
     convincing the landlords, Mr. & Mrs. Roper that Jack is gay, Jack is
     permitted to move in with the girls as the third roommate.

                 Guest star: Kim McDonough: Patricia Crawford

2. "And Mother Makes Four"  #0102  

          Jack is preparing to move into Eleanor's room when Chrissy's
     mother pays a surprise visit, thinking she can stay in Eleanor's room
     while the girls look for another roommate.

                 Guest star: Priscilla Morrill: Chrissy's Mother

3. "It's Only Money"   #0103

          The trio can't find their rent money and thinking it was
     stolen, call the police. Actually, Stanley was there earlier, saw the
     money, picked it up and forgot to leave the receipt.

                 Guest stars: William Pierson: Mr. Travers
                              Joey Foreman: Policeman

4. "Jack The Giant Killer"  #0104

          A thug in the bar makes a pass at the girls and calls on Jack
     to defend their honor. When he declines, he's branded a coward.

                 Guest stars: Peter Palmer: Jeff
                              Peter Schuck: Pete
                              Karen Fredrick: Barmaid (Ongoing Role)
                              Paul Ainsley; Bartender (Ongoing Role)

5. "No Children, No Pets"  #0105

          Chrissy has a problem with sleepwalking and the trio have a new 

                 No guest stars.

6. "Roper's Niece"   #0106

          Stanley feels Jack would be a safe bet for escorting his
     visiting niece around the town. The niece turns out to be a very
     promiscuous young lady and Stanley thinks that maybe she could turn
     Jack straight. Jack, being all for the idea, doesn't realize the
     consequences: if Jack turns straight, he must move out.

                 Guest star: Christina Hart: Karen


Second Season:  (1977-78)

7. "Jack Looks For A Job" #0201

          In order to earn tuition money, Jack takes on a variety of odd
     jobs, including an encyclopedia salesman and a nude model in a magazine

                  Guest stars: Bill Fiore: Harvey
                               John Fiedler: Morris Morris
                               Sally Kirkland: Sally

8. "Chrissy's Date"   #0202

          Jack agrees to cook a gourmet meal for Chrissy's date, who
     happens to be a very fussy critic when it comes to gourmet food.

                  Guest stars: Jess Nadelman: Michael Winthrop
                               Sandra Smith: Girl

9. "Strange Bedfellows"   #203

          Chrissy inadvertently attracts Janet's date away from her,
     causing tension between the girls.

                  Guest star: John Fink: Barry Gates

10. "Ground Rules"   #0204

          The trio agree to arrange reservation times for the apartment
     when spending evenings at home with their dates. However, Jack has an
     offer he can't refuse and tries to renege on the agreement.

                 Guest stars: Jenifer Shaw: Veronica
                              Gary Coolson: Alex

11. "Janet's Promotion"   #0205

          Overlooked by her boss for a promotion, Janet learns the new
     girl, one with a larger bustline got the job. Determined to change her
     luck, Janet considers breast augmentation.

                  Guest stars: Sandra de Bruin: Chloe
                               JJ Barry: Compton
                               Margaret Wheeler: Woman Customer

12. "Roper's Car"   #0206

          Stanley sells the trio his old car but tries to buy it back
     when a collector comes calling and willing to pay a big price for it.

                  Guest star:  ?? : Car Collector

13. "Chrissy's Night Out"   #0207

          An undercover policeman arrests Chrissy for being a prostitute,
     mistaking her friendliness in the bar as being a working girl.

                  Guest star: James Cromwell: Detective Lannigan

14. "Helen's Job"   #0208

          Tired of being just a housewife, Helen decides to get a
     job, not realizing how little she did and how tiring a real job is.
     Stanley, in the meantime, must fend for himself, taking cooking lessons
     from Jack.

                  No guest stars.

15. "Alone Together"   #0209

          Chrissy is insulted and thinks she has lost her sex appeal when
     Jack doesn't make a pass at her on a night they are left alone 
     together in the apartment.

                  Guest stars: Sondra Currie: Sherry Lee
                               Stuart Nisbet: Mr. Crawford
                               W. G. McMillan: Policeman

16. "Cyrano De Tripper"    #0210

           Chrissy gets chosen to accompany her boss on a prestigious
     business trip. Jack thinks her boss just wants to get Chrissy alone,
     not realizing Chrissy's boss is also a woman and mistakenly takes out
     his revenge on an innocent bar customer.

                  Guest stars: Emmaline Henry: J. C. Braddock
                               Richard McKenzie: Chef Anton

17. "Stanley Casanova"   #0211

          During one of their marital disputes, Stanley thinks he is
     attractive to a younger woman (a friend of Jack's) who befriends him
     as a favor to Jack.

                  Guest star: ?? : Girls

18. "Jack's Uncle"   #0212

          Jack's Uncle Fremont gives Stanley a bogus check to help pay
     the trio's rent but when the trio discovers that he's really broke,
     they try to retrieve the bad check.

                  Guest stars: Don Porter: Uncle Fremont
                               Shirley Mitchell: Mona Carmichael

19. "Janet's High School Sweetheart"   #0213

          Janet is shocked at the misguided attention of a jock she used
     to have a crush on from high school. She realizes what a creep he
     really is once he is all over her, thinking their past will win her

                  Guest star: John Elereck: Peter Van Horn

20. "Three's Christmas"   #0214

          Both the trio and the Ropers are invited to the same Christmas
     party but feel duty-bound to honor a promise to spend the night with
     each other. After a boring evening, both parties sneak out to go to
     the wingding, meeting each other there.

                  No guest stars.

21. "The Gift"   #0215

          Roper doesn't want to buy Helen a coat but ends up doing just 
     that by mistake.

                  Guest star:  ?  ?  ?

22. "The Baby Sitters"   #0216

          Janet's babysitting job interferes with her big date so Jack
     and Chrissy reluctantly volunteer to help her out by doing her
     sitting job for her.

                  Guest stars: Archie Hahn: Jerry Randall
                               Lee Bryant: Punkin Randall
                               Gary Hollis: David
                               Sheila ??: Mother
                               Brian Kend: Baby Jonathon

23. "The Rivals"    #0217

          Janet has some tickets to a Frank Sinatra concert that she
     can't use and is looking to give them away and Chrissy and Jack each
     pamper her to win the tickets.

                  No guest star.

24. "Home Movies"   #0218

          Chrissy is dating a film critic and she starts making her own
     home movies to impress him. Larry uses the opportunity with the
     projector to arrange for some 'blue' movies with unexpected results.

                  Guest star: Stuart Gillard: Neil

25. "Jack In The Flower Shop"   #0219

          Jack, helping out at the flower shop, thinking Janet's
     manager status allows him to goof off on the job causes friction
     between them. However, when Janet messes up on a crucial flower order,
     Jack comes to her rescue.

                  Guest stars: Natalie Schafer: Impatient Woman
                               JJ Barry: Compton
                               Mickey Deems: Mr. Hammond

26. "Jack's Navy Pal"   #0220

          Jack's old navy buddy, now blind but still just as mean, comes
     to visit Jack and the girls.

                  Guest star: David Dukes: Jim Walsh

27. "Will The Real Jack Tripper"   #0221

          Larry uses Jack's name with a woman he thinks he got pregnant.
     The girls overhear the conversation and think their Jack Tripper is
     the father. Jack thinks that his girlfriend is pregnant and proposes
     to her.

                  Guest stars: Anne Schedeen: Linda
                               Susan Blu: Sandra
                               Ted Gehring: Sandra's Father

28. "Days Of Beer And Weeds"   #0222

          While weeding Roper's backyard to make a garden, the trio find
     what Larry says is marijuana. Helen, not realizing the discovery enters
     some into a flower contest.

                  Guest stars: David Tress: Desk Sergeant
                               Ludi Claire: Flower Judge

29. "Chrissy Come Home"   #0223

          Chrissy's father, the Reverend Snow pays the trio a visit and
     insists Chrissy move home once he discovers Jack is living with the

                  Guest star: Peter Mark Richman: Reverend Snow

30. "Bird Song"   #0224

          Jack breaks his leg and that ruins a beautiful evening that
     Janet has planned with a new date.

                   Guest star: Rod McCary: Gregg Halliday

31. "Coffee, Tea Or Jack"   #0225

           A two-timing stewardess makes a fool out of Jack and Chrissy
     tries to come to his rescue.

                  Guest star: Loni Anderson: Stewardess


3rd Season: (1978-79)

32. "Good Old Reliable Janet"   #0301

          Tired of her traditional humdrum image, Janet, with Helen's help,
     takes part in some nude protests on the beach, hoping the experience
     will change her into a bolder, more daring Janet. When the protest
     is raided by police, the pair flee home without their clothes.

                  Guest stars: Ellen Sherman: Cindy
                               Nadia Caillou: Belly Dancer

33. "Double Date"    #0302

          Jack feigns a cold when Roper overhears him making a date on
     the phone. Roper, then uses the illness as an excuse to stay away from
     Helen's amourous advances.

                  Guest stars: Anne Schedeen: Linda
                               Rebecca Clemmons: Samantha

34. "Chrissy And The Guru"   #0303

           The Rama, a shyster guru recruiting for his commune has Jack
     and Janet suspicious when he tries to recruit Chrissy, who falls for
     his phoney story.

                  Guest stars: Michael Bell: Rama Mageesh
                               Regie Baff: Guru Girl #1
                               Diane Sommerfield: Guru Girl #2

35. "The Love Diary"  #0304

          Chrissy uses a bizarre diary written by an anonymous author to
     bone up on her typing skills. However, Roper, reading the pages, thinks
     Chrissy is the wild 'Wanda X'.

                  Guest star: Paul Baselou: Wanda X

36. "The Fast"   #0305

          The trio make a wager that each other has no willpower, Chrissy
     and Janet with food and Jack with women.

                  Guest star: Angel Tompkins: Grace Thompson

37. "Helen's Rendezvous"   #0306

          Everyone thinks Helen is secretly having an affair.

                  Guest star:  ? ?: Jerry

38. "My Sister's Keeper"  #0307

           Janet's kid sister comes for a visit and takes an instant liking
     to Jack, raising Janet's ire.

                  Guest star: Devon Ericson: Jenny Wood

39. "Chrissy's New Boss"   #0308

           Chrissy lines up a catering job for Jack with her company but
     Jack has to come to her rescue when the lecherous boss has his desires
     for Chrissy.

                   Guest stars: Emmaline Henry: J. C. Braddock
                                Macon McCalman: Mr. Penrose
                                Bibi Osterwald: Mrs. Penrose

40. "Larry's Bride"   #0309

           Gloria, Larry's fiancee is a golddigger and had a secret crush
     on Jack in high school. She makes a play for Jack and Larry
     misunderstands the situation, thinking the reverse has happened.

                  Guest stars: Cecilia Hart: Gloria
                               John Lawrence: Minister

41. "The Party's Over"   #0310

          With the girls away on a trip, Jack has a wild party; one he
     promised the girls he wouldn't have. Stanley comes up to complain but
     gets caught up in the fun and awakens in Jack's bed (with Jack) and
     thinks he went gay overnight.

                  Guest stars: Karen Smith-Bercovici: Celise
                               Alan Hoss: Ralph

42. "The Crush"   #0311

          The trio agree to babysit a young girl who gets a crush on Jack
     so badly, she starts, jealously, cancelling his dates.

                  Guest stars: Lauri Hendler: Laurie
                               Lois Areno: Rita
                               Steve Shaw: Albert

43. "The Kleptomaniac"   #0312

           Jack thinks he sees Chrissy stealing money from him by
     accident by it's all a misunderstanding.

                  No guest stars.

44. "Eleanor's Return"   #0313

           Jack is afraid that with the return of Eleanor, the girls'
     original roommate, that he may be pushed out of the apartment for 

                  Guest star: Marianne Black: Eleanor

45. "The Catered Affair"   #0314

          Chrissy starts dating a married man although she thinks he is

                  Guest star: Dick Sargeant: Lloyd

46. "The Older Woman"   #0315

           Jack is dating an older woman but the girls mistake her mother
     for her. They enlist Larry to make the extreme sacrifice for his buddy
     and put the moves on her.

                   Guest stars: Claudette Nivens: Barbara
                                Irene Tedrow: Martha

47. "Stanley's Hotline"   #0316

          Mr. Roper has been eavesdropping on the trio's conversations
     through a pipe in their bathroom, overhearing Jack and Chrissy talking
     about having a wart removed and thinking that she is pregnant and 
     planning to have an abortion..

                   Guest star: Anne Schedeen: Linda

48. "The Best Laid Plans"   #0318

          The appearance of a mouse in the trio's apartment leads to
     some desires by Jack to score points with Chrissy.

                   Guest star: Jenny Sherman: Diane

49. "Jack Moves Out"    #0319

          The trio are offered a nice apartment if they can
     break their lease as a reward for Jack's services as a chef to a
     rich client.

                   Guest star: Phil Leeds: Lyle Wormold

50. "An Anniversary Surprise"   #0320

          The trio and Mrs. Roper believe Stanley is going to announce
     he's leaving Helen for another woman when in actuality, he is about to
     announce he's sold the building and that he and Helen will be moving.

                   Guest star: Ruta Lee: Mrs. Dawson

51. "Triangle Troubles"   #0321

           Jack begins dating whom he believes is an old-fashioned girl
     and is afraid she wouldn't understand the trio's living arrangements
     but little does he know that her situation is similar.

                   Guest stars: Peter Mark Richman: Reverend Snow
                                Barrie Longfellow: Debbie
                                Terence Goodman: Roger
                                Robert Machray: Doug
                                Alan McRae: Phil
                                Daniel Trent: Elliot

52. "The Bake-Off"   #0322

           Chrissy ruins Jack's prized entry in the school's bake-off
     contest and must replace it with a store bought pie.

                   Guest stars: William Pierson: Mr. Travers
                                Leon Askin: Mr. Hoffmeier

53. "Helen Moves Out"    #0323

           Helen decides she wants to make Stanley a little jealous so
     she makes up a phoney lover and moves out.

                  Guest star: Diana Herbert: Mrs. Hollins

54. "Farewell To The Ropers"     #0324

           The Ropers meet their new neighbours. This is the first of
     several shows that spinoff to the Ropers' own short-lived series.

                   Guest stars: Jeffrey Tambor: Jeffrey P. Brookes III
                                Patricia McCormack: Anne Brookes
                                Evan Cohen: David Brookes

55. "Stanley Night Fever"     #0325   

           The Ropers' new neighbours misunderstand the girls' dancing
     with Stanley in the new place and thinks all kinds of hanky-panky is
     going on.

                   Guest stars: Jeffrey Tambor: Jeffrey P. Brookes III
                                Patricia McCormack: Anne Brookes
                                Evan Cohen: David Brookes


4th Season: (1979-80)

56. "Jack On The Lam"    #0401

           Jack mistakes a visit from the FBI for a reference for a former
     Navy buddy as a mission to get him.

                   Guest stars: Dick O'Neil: Walter Nessle
                                James Staley: Special Agent Banning
                                Rudolph Willrich: Special Agent Roth

57. "Love Thy Neighbor"    #0402

           Lana's character is introduced to the series as an older woman
     needing an escort for the evening and Jack takes on the job.

                   Guest stars: Ann Wedgeworth: Lana
                                Damian London: Captain

58. "The New Landlord"    #0403

           Ralph Furley, the new landlord for the building is introduced
     in this episode.

                   Guest star: Don Knotts: Ralph Furley

59. "Snow Job"    #0404 

           Chrissy gets a new sales job.

                   Guest stars: Paul Avery: Neil
                                John Miranda: Bill
                                Taaffe O' Connell: Lulu
                                Melanie Vincz: Sylvia
                                Ken Letner: Policeman

60. "A - Camping We Will Go"    #0405

           Larry wants to make it with Laura; Jack wants to sleep, Lana
     wants to make it with Jack, Furley wants to make it with Lana, the
     girls just want to relax. Everyone ends up at the same cabin for the

                   Guest star: Louise Williams: Laura

61. "Jack The Ripper"   #0406

     No details available at this time.

62. "The Life Saver"    #0407

           The trio help out a runaway boy.

                   Guest stars: Shane Sinutko: Billy Todson
                                Joe George: Chauffeur

63. "Chrissy's Hospitality"    #408

           Chrissy goes to work at a convention as a hostess with an old
     friend of hers, not realizing the job is being a high priced call girl.

                   Guest stars: Elaine Giftos: Darlene
                                Mickey Deems: Gambel

64. "Old Folks At Home"    #0409

           Chrissy brings home an old homeless man just as she would a

                   Guest stars: J. Pat O'Malley: Leo Moran
                              Simone Griffeth: Nancy Norwood
                              Jean Bates: Alice
                              Josephine Livingston: Lili

65. "The Loan Shark"   #0410

           Chrissy borrows money from a gangster, not realizing the

                   Guest stars: Harold J. Stone: Bernie Bustamente
                                Livia Genise: Lucia Bustamente
                                Mickey Morton: Floyd

66. "The Love Barge"   #0411

           Jack gets a job as a cruise chef and can take only one guest
     with him. Janet or Chrissy: which will it be.

                   Guest star: Bob Hastings: John Callan

67. "Ralph's Rival"    #0412

           Chrissy agrees to act as a Furley's wife to impress a
     successful old friend of his who comes for a visit.

                   Guest stars: Roger C. Carmel: Merl Denker
                                Reb Brown: Elmo Hacker

68. "Black Letter Day"    #0413

           Chrissy bumps her head and has fainting spells as a result.
     Visiting her in the hospital, Janet and Jack get the impression she's
     dying and they don't know how to handle it.

                   Guest stars: Keene Curtis: Dr.Todson
                                Ruth Manning: Nurse Engel
                                Hope Clarke: Second Nurse

69. "The Reverend Steps Out"    #0414

           Reverend Snow has a chance for a new appointment on the
     condition that his daughter Chrissy move out of the apartment.

                   Guest stars: Peter Mark Richman: Reverend Snow
                                Ric Carrott: Rick
                                Patricia Barry: Mrs. Claremont

70. "Larry Loves Janet"    #0415

           Larry develops a crush on Janet.

                   No guest stars.

71. "Mighty Mouth"    #0416

           Jack is dating a gymnast and her muscle-boy brother works him
     over in the gym for revenge.

                   Guest stars: Steve Sandor: Harvey
                                Tori Lysdahl: Shirley

72. "The Love Lesson"    #0417

           Jack gives cooking lessons to an older woman who starts making
     sexual moves on Jack in front of her husband at the dinner table.

                   Guest stars: Cynthia Harris: Mrs. Layton
                                Jordan Charney: Mr. Layton
                                Paul Kent: Alvin Morell
                                Janet Wood: Frances
                                John Larroquette: Cop

73. "Handcuffed"    #0418

           Chrissy borrows her policeman cousin's handcuffs and
     accidently gets locked together with Jack who has a big date
     waiting for him.

                   Guest stars: Daniel Trent: Jay Garfield
                                Alan Manson: Mike The Cop
                                Cameron Young: Man In Bar
                                Isabel Wolfe: Waitress
                                Paul Ainsley: Jim The Bartender
                                Heather Lowe: Brenda

74. "And Baby Makes Two"    #0419

           Jack and Chrissy believe Janet wants to have a baby.

                   Guest stars: Philip Charles MacKenzie: Roger
                                Robert E. Quigley: Guy #1
                                Mark Siegel: Guy #2

75. "Jack's Bad Boy"    #0420

           A fellow student switches dishes with Jack to win a cooking
     contest at school and Jack is in danger of not graduating.

                   Guest stars: William Pierson: Dean Travers
                                Steve Vinovich: Barry Baxter
                                Lynda Beattie: Sheila

76. "Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"    #0421

           Jack is upset that his brother is coming for a visit because
     he was always did everything better than Jack.

                   Guest star: John Getz: Lee Tripper
                               Albert Carrier: Maurice

77. "The Root Of All Evil"    #0422

           The trio start to fight over how to spend some lottery winnings.

                   Guest star: Joel Brooks: Dr. Prescott

78. "Secret Admirer"    #0423

           Chrissy has a secret admirer.

                   Guest stars: Barry Gordon: Gilbert Larwin
                                Stephen Johnson: Phil Durkin
                                David Himes: Brad
                                Indy Shriner: Barbara
                                Paul Ainsley: Jim The Bartender

79. "The Goodbye Guy"    #0424

          The trio believe Furley is going to kill himself because of his
     depression. They show him attention and he starts to abuse the favors.

                   Guest star: Gloria LeRoy: Nancy

80. "Jack's Graduation"    #0425

           Jack takes agressiveness sessions with a psychologist to prevent
     himself from being forced to knuckle under to his Dean's demands
     that he cook for his dinner party in order to graduate.

                   Guest stars: Joel Brooks: Dr. Prescott
                                Joan Roberts: Secretary
                                William Pierson: Dean Travers


5th Season: (1981-82)

81. "And Justice For Jack"    #0501

           Jack suffers sexual harrassment by his female boss at a
     restaurant where he works.

                   Guest stars: Jan Sterling: Judge Sheffield
                                Ellen Travolta: Mrs. Marconi
                                Steven Anderson: Higgins
                                Pamela McMyler: Callahan
                                David Tress: Virgil

82. "A Crowded Romance"    #0502

           Jack has 4 dinner dates on the go at once.

                   Guest stars: Lee Crawford: Doreen Maxwell
                                Marie Laurin: Denise

83. "Upstairs Downstairs Downstairs"    #0503

           The trio think an advice column was written about them.

                   No guest star

84. "A Hundred Dollars A What?"   #0504

           Jack and Larry both vie for the affections of one woman and 
      Larry takes advantage of Jack's new job as a store window display 
      mannequin to embarrass him in front of her.

                   Guest stars: Rebecca Holden: Bunny/Twinkie
                                Vernon Weddle: Mr. Weddle
                                Fay DeWitt: Woman In Flower Shop

85. "Downhill Chaser"    #0406

           Jack pretends to be a professional skier to impress his new
     date who is a ski nut.

                   Guest stars: Laurette Spang: Inga
                                Kate Murtagh: Gertrude
                                John Gibson: Ski Patrolman

86. "Room At The Bottom"    #0506

           Furley wants to evict the trio.

                   Guest stars: Joanna Kerns: Bobby Trilling
                                Jim Sullivan: B. J.

87. "Chrissy's Cousin"    #0507

           Cindy Snow replaces Chrissy in the apartment as Jenilee 
     Harrison replaces Suzanne Somers as the resident 'dumb blonde' on 
     the series.

                   Guest stars: Barbara Stuart: Mrs. Medford
                                Shauna Sullivan: Maxine
                                Jordan Clarke: Bill
                                Karen Austin: Jennifer

88. "Jack To The Rescue"    #0508 

           Jack goes to Cindy's place of employment to fight for her job 
     back after she loses it.

                   Guest stars: Rob Colbin: Charles Hadley
                                Ruth manning: Harriet Hadley
                                Nancy Andrews: Secretary
                                Amy Nachbar: Sheila 

89. "The Not-So-Great Imposter"    #0509 
           Jack assumes the identity of a famous chef when he is mistaken 
     for him; however mobsters and jilted women are on the lookout for 
     this guy and Jack takes the abuse.

                   Guest stars: Jordan Charney: Angelino
                                Hank Garrett: The Bookie
                                Gino Conforti: Felipe
                                Jillian Kesner: The Sister
                                Britt Leach: The Husband

90. "Jack's Other Mother"     #0510 

          A little old lady adopts Jack as her so-called 'son' but 
     becomes more trouble than she is help when she starts interfering in 
     Jack's love life.

                   Guest stars: Amzie Strickland: Gladys Moore
                                Lois Arens: Katy Williams
                                Bob Sherman: The Brother
                                George Dickerson: The Boss
                                Maida Severn: The Woman Patron

91. "Make Room For Daddy"     #0511 

          To help discourage Cindy's new beau who constantly nags her to 
     marry him, Jack pretends to be her nuisance older brother.

                   Guest stars: Jeffrey Tambor: Winston Cromwell III
                                Sarah Marshall: Madame Clara
                                Mickey Deems: Singing Telegram Man
                                Jennifer Slaney: Little Girl
                                David Warschaw: Little Boy

92. "Janet's Secret"     #0512"

          Janet has a date with an older man - only she didn't realize 
     how old he was.

                   Guest stars: Keene Curtis: Andrew Gainer
                                Janice Kent: Cheryl Gainer
                                Joe George: The Waiter

93. "Father Of The Bride"     #0513 

          To appease Janet's visiting parents who believe she is married, 
     Jack must pose as her husband.

                   Guest stars: Macon McCalman: Roland Wood
                                Paula Shaw: Ruth Wood
                                Sondra Currie: Shelly Green

94. "Furley Versus Furley"    #0514
          The trio try to help Ralph to get his job back after he is 
     fired by his brother, Bart.

                   Guest star: Hamilton Camp: Bart Furley

95. "In Like Larry"     #0515

          To settle a debate, Jack and Larry agree to switch apartments 
     for awhile.

                   No guest stars.

96. "Teacher's Pet"     #0516" 
          Dean Traver's neice starts making Jack part of her curriculum.

                   Guest stars: William Pierson: Dean Travers
                                Dorian Lapinto: Betty Jean Travers

97. "And Baby Makes Four"     #0517 
          Jack and Janet think Cindy is pregnant when she starts acting 
     peculiar and talking about babies.

                   Guest stars: John McCook: Doug Cooper
                                Frances Lee McCain: Kelly

98. "Night Of The Ropers"     #0518 

          Stanley and Helen Roper return to town for a bowling tournament 
     and believe Mr. Furley has left his apartment vacant for them. When 
     Ralph returns home and crawls in bed with Helen, Stanley thinks the 
     two are having an affair and goes off the deep end.

                   Guest stars: Norman Fell: Stanley Roper
                                Audra Lindley: Helen Roper

99. "Double Trouble"     #0519 

           After getting caught out on a date with a girl by Furley, Jack 
     must pretend that it was his brother, Austin, that Ralph really saw.

                   Guest star: Robin G. Eisenman: Veronica Furley

100. The Case Of The Missing Blonde"    #0520 
           Cindy goes to meet her father while he is visiting their town 
     but Jack and Janet think that she has been kidnapped.

                   Guest stars: Alan Manson: Mr. Snow
                                Toni Derrell: Undercover Policewoman
                                Brad Blaisdell: Mike The Bartender
                                Robert Riesel: Motel Clerk

101. "Honest Jack Tripper"     #0521 
           Jack insists on everyone telling the absolute truth even 
      though it causes a lot of grief when diplomacy is called for.       

                   Guest stars:  ?  ?  ?

102. "Dying To Meet You"    #0522

           Jack's cooking becomes a mobster's favorite food.

                   Guest stars: Jordan Charney: Angelino
                                Gino Conforti: Felipe
                                Terry Kiser: Mr. Canon

103. "Delusions Of Grandeur"   #0523

           Jack gets a job as a busboy and at the same time is 
      misrepresenting himself to his new date as the owner.

                   Guest stars: Michael Lombard: Lucien
                                Jennifer Gay: Bonnie Chamberlain
                                Edmund Stoiber: Gentleman
                                Frank O'Brien: First Waiter


6th Season: (1982-83)

104/105. "Jack Bares All" aka "Oh, Nurse" (Part 1 & 2)    #0601/0602

           Priscilla Barnes joins the cast as Terri Alden, a nurse who is 
      a little on the wacky side but has a heart of gold.

                   Guest stars: Jordan Charney: Angelino
                                Gino Conforti: Felipe
                                Shell Kepler: Didi
                                Bobby Ellerbee: Dr. Cooper

106. "Terri Makes Her Move"    #0603

           Terri moves into the apartment and onto Jack to see if he is 
      true blue or just another one of those guys.

                   Guest stars: Hugh Gillin: Mr. Alden
                                Mina Kolb: Mrs. Alden
                                Jennifer Walker: Samantha Alden

107. "Gigolo Jack (or Professor Jack)"   #0604

           Jack is giving cooking lessons to raise some money and Terri 
      mistakes them as love lessons.

                   Guest stars: Paul Kent: Dr. Anderson
                                Sally Kemp: Joanna Latham
                                Frank Aletter: Tom Latham

108. "Eyewitness Blues"    #0605

           Jack witnessed a robbery and now wants protective custody to save 
      him from the return of the criminal.

                   Guest stars: Alan McRae: Robber
                                Donald Petrie: Officer Jim Bolton
                                Edmund Gilbert: Lt. Briscoe
                                Dennis Robertson: Detective

109. "Two Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"   #0606

           Jack and Janet think a doctor that Terri brought home is 
      really a mental patient.

                   Guest stars: Jeffrey Tambor: Dr. Tom Miller
                                Murray Matheson: Roger
                                Stephen Johnson: Police Officer

110. "Lies My Roommate Told Me"    #0607

           Jack lies to Janet about having a date that night so that he 
      can go out with 'Greedy' Gretchen.

                   Guest star: Teresa Ganzel: Gretchen

111. "Some Of That Jazz"    #0608

          Jack comes to the rescue when Janet meets an unscrupulous ballet 
     dancer who tells her she has real talent to be a dancer in order to 
     sleep with her.  

                   Guest stars: Michael Bell: Michael
                                Deborah Bartlett: Marlene

112. "Dates Of Wrath"    #0609

            Jack and Janet try a new computer dating service and end up 
      with each other when the computer matches their files.

                   Guest stars: Brian Byers: Tom Ferguson
                                Judy Kain: Joan Ferguson
                                Mickey Deems: Maitre D'

113. "Boy Meets Dummy"    #0610
           Jack has a date with Angelino's daughter against her father's 
      strict wishes and so to turn her off, pretends he is with his 'wife' 
      which is really a CPR dummy.  

                   Guest stars: Jordan Charney: Angelino
                                Gino Conforti: Felipe
                                Christina Hart: Francesca Angelino

114. "Macho Man"   #0611

           While taking fighting lessons from Terri, Jack accidentally 
      tackles an undercover cop making an arrest and gets arrested himself 
      for assault.

                   Guest stars: Kenneth White: Detective Bellows
                                Rod Gist: Big Eddie
                                Sheldon Feldner: Sgt. O'Grady
                                George McDaniel: Steve
                                Brad Blaisdell: Mike The Bartender

115. "Stranger In The Night"    #0612

           Janet asks Jack to play escort on her business date with a 
      lecherous salesman whom she must deal with for her flower shop. Jack 
      agrees, although he is suffering from a cold and mixes liquor with his 
      medicine and gets drunk and stoned. Acting a fool back at the 
      apartment, Jack smashes Janet's grandmother's vase falls asleep in 
      her bed. The next day, her reactions lead him to believe he had his 
      way with her.

                   Guest stars: Terry McGovern: Ray Hagen
                                Nora Gaye: Waitress

116. "The Matchbreakers"    #0613

           When Terri steals Janet's new boyfriend by mistake, Jack plays 
      go-between but loses his own girlfriend in the process.

                   Guest stars: Brad Maule: Bob
                                Connie Hill: Donna

117. "The Holy Guest (or Oh, Nun)"    #0614

           Jack overhears a conversation between Janet and her friend, a 
      visiting nun, who has decided to leave the convent to marry the man 
      she loves. Jack thinks he is that man and tries to convince her he 
      is no good by pretending to be an alcoholic wharf rat.

                   Guest stars: Susan Plumb: Catherine James
                                Britt Leach: Chuck
                                John Brandon: Captain James

118. "Maid To Order"    #0615

           To help give Cindy a job, the trio agree to hire her as their 
      maid but with catastophic results.

                   Guest stars: Peter Isacksen: Joey
                                Jenifer Shaw: Rita
                                Charlie Stavola: Marty

119. "A Friend In Need"    #0616

           Larry asks Jack to take over on a date for him and Jack gets 
      mixed up with diamond smugglers by mistake.     

                   Guest stars: Tori Lysdahl: Rita
                                Anthony Ponzini: Tony
                                Michael Alldredge: Sam
                                Vincent Cobb: Johnny

120. "Hearts And Flowers"    #0617

           Janet's new boss is an efficiency expert and she drives Janet 
      nuts. What doesn't help matters any is that Jack falls for her.

                   Guest stars: Laurie L. Schaefer: Bobbi Willard
                                Rob Colbin: Mr. Franklin
                                Janet Dulo: Woman Customer

121. "Urban Plowboy"    #0618

           Larry uses Jack's name while out on a date that goes bad and 
      when the girl's brother comes looking for Jack, he must hide 
      out on Cindy's grandparents' farm until the heat is off.

                   Guest stars: Sue Anne Langdon: Aunt Becky
                                Herman Poppe: Wally

122. "Critic's Choice"    #0619

           Jack goes all out to impress a food critic who turns out to be 
      nothing but a drunken fool who steals Jack's date..

                   Guest stars: Jay Garner: Jason Defarge
                                Louise Williams: Chloe Brown

123. "Jack's 10"    #0620

           When Jack falls head over heels for a 'Southern belle', he 
      decides to serenade her. His song, however, is overheard by an 
      overweight 'Plain Jane' who thinks the song was for her.

                   Guest stars: Jacque Lynn Colter: Bernice
                                Pamela Dunlop: Lily
                                Gwen Humble: Arabella

124. "Doctor In The House"    #0621

           To impress his visiting physician grandfather, Jack enlists 
      Terri's help and pretends he is a doctor. He must then perform a 
      complete physical on a patient: Janet.

                   Guest stars: Edward Andrews: Grandpa Tripper
                                Keith Lawrence: Dr. Phillips
                                Toni Lamond: Patient

125. "Paradise Lost"    #0622

           Terri lines up a fancy new house for the trio to move into but 
      Larry and Mr. Furley, not wanting to see their best friends leave, 
      plot to make them feel wanted enough to stay.

                   Guest stars: Sheila Rogers: Nurse
                                Alvah Stanley: Dr. Benson
                                Faith McSwain: Sheila Ashton

126. "Up In The Air"    #0623

           Janet needs a date to impress a new rich man she met and asks 
      Jack to escort to her the ball which is held on a private island. 
      Jack, afraid of flying, gets some tranquilizers from Terri, 
      accidentally mixes them with liquor and becomes the 'life of the 

                   Guest stars: Barry Williams: David Winthrop
                                Lauree Berger: Nancy Winthrop
                                Gertrude Flynn: Mrs. Peabody
                                Paul Marin: Mr. Peabody
                                Rick Edwards: Mark
                                Thom Fleming: Robert
                                Dean Taliaferro: Bridget The Maid

127. "And Now Here's Jack"    #0624

           Jack gets his own cooking show and hires the girls as his 
      assistants with unexpected results.

                   Guest stars: Jordan Charney: Angelino
                                Frank O'Brien: Director
                                Marty Brill: Mike O' Connell

128. "Mate For Each Other"    #0625

           Ralph Furley falls in love with a woman whom the trio believe 
      is a golddigger just out for whatever Ralph can give her financially.

                   Guest star: Ruta Lee: Marsha Whitewood

129. "Janet Wigs Out"    #0626

           Janet buys a blonde wig because she believes that 'blondes have 
      more fun'. Her newfound attention gives her a swelled head and she 
      becomes totally obnoxious to everyone.

                   Guest stars: Robert Swick: Bill Rogers

130/131. "The Best Of Three's Company"    #0627/0628

           (1 hr Special hosted by Lucille Ball looking back on some of 
      the best skits the show ever featured.)


7th Season: (1983-84)

132. "Jack Goes To The Dentist"    #0701

           Jack is paranoid when he has to visit the dentist; the very 
      dentist that Terri broke off with earlier that day.

                   Guest stars: Jeffrey Tambor: Phil

133. "Jet Setter Jack"   #0702

           Jack's new girlfriend is from high society and wants Jack to 
      leave his 'poor' friends behind.    

                   Guest stars: Karen Austin: Denise
                                Melanie Vincz: Girl

134/135. "Extra, Extra"  (Part 1 & 2)   #0703/0704

           Jack has great news...he is renting space from Mr. Angelino to 
open his own restaurant, Jack's Bistro. 
                   Guest stars: Jordan Charney: Angelino
                                Anne Schedeen: Loans Officer

136. "A Night Not To Remember"     #0705

           As a favor to Felipe, the trio allows his neice to stay with 
      them until her wedding to prevent the immigration department from 
      deporting her. Through a comedy of errors, everyone suspects Jack and 
      the girl spent the night together.

                   Guest stars: Gino Conforti: Felipe
                                Maria Richwine: Maria
                                Pete Leal: Mr. Sanchez
                                J. Victor Lopes: Manuel

137. "Opening Night"    #0706

           Larry supplies all of his Greek relatives to make Jack's 
      grand opening a 'smash' success; a little more 'smashing' than Jack 
      had hoped for.

                   Guest stars: Stanley Kamel: Clean Cut Man
                                Ted Chapman: Meek Man
                                Kopi Sotiropulos: Larry's Uncle
                                Glenn Ash: Hearty Man

138. "The Bribe"     #0707

           Jack must pay a bribe to an inspector in order to get a health 
      permit so he sets up a sting operation to catch him redhanded but 
      leads the police to believe that it's a drug bust they're working on.

                   Guest stars: Bill Cort: Mr. Sneff
                                Robert Lussier: Walter Johnson
                                Burke Burns: Sgt. Kent
                                Jeannetta Annette: Detective Green

139. "The Brunch"    #0708

           Janet and Terri bet Jack that he can't go with women for 
      a week. Although he is intent on proving them wrong, he weakens 
      when he sets Furley up with an older woman whose bombshell daughter 
      sweeps Jack off his feet.    

                   Guest stars: Barbara Stuart: Martha
                                Taaffe O'Connell: Ellen Simmons
                                Rhonda Shear: Pretty Girl

140. "An Affair To Forget"    #0709

           Janet sets Jack up with an old director friend of hers from 
      school whom she didn't know had since gotten married. That's okay, 
      though, because the friend wanted to have an affair anyway.

                   Guest stars: Elaine Giftos: Randy Buckley
                                John McCook: Alan
                                Jack Scalici: Assistant

141. "The Impossible Dream"    #0710

            Larry believes he is a great singer and bugs Jack to give him 
      a chance to entertain at the Bistro. Jack relents after seeing an 
      adoring crowd at the restaurant cheering Larry, not knowing Larry 
      set up the whole charade with his friends.

                   Guest stars: Ralph Grass: Ralph The Guitarist

142. "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"    #0711

           Terri's new boyfriend is an ex-murderer who has a problem with 

                   Guest stars: Granville Van Dusan: Ray Martin
                                Beau Starr: Officer

143. "When You Wish Upon A Star"    #0712

           Terri meets a soap opera star at the hospital and goes out 
      on a date with him, thinking he is the sweet guy he is on TV when 
      he is actually a lecher who must put on a good image to keep his 
      acting job.

                   Guest stars: Dennis Cole: Brett Wade
                                Joy Garrett: Shirley
                                Thomas Ryan: Bernie
                                John C. Becher: Mr. Gretski
                                Sheila Rogers: Marge Andrews
                                Paul Barselou: Man In Restaurant

144. "Bob And Carol And Larry And Terri"    #0713

           Terri overhears a rumor about two friends and tells the others 
      who pass it on and get the story all mixed up.

                   Guest stars: Don Sparks: Bob
                                Constance Mellors: Carol
                                Pamela Dunlap: Lily
                                Brad Blaisdell: Mike The Bartender   

145. "Larry's Sister"    #0714

           Larry's overactive imagination makes him think Jack has had 
      his way with Larry's kid sister when it was all very innocent.

                   Guest star: Lucinda Dooling: Diane

146. "Janet's little Helper"    #0715

           As a favor to Ralph, Janet agrees to give his nephew some 
      pointers on meeting girls. Jack thinks that Janet is having an affair 
      with the boy.

                   Guest stars: Brian Robbins: Marc Furley
                                Emory Bass: Maitre D'
                                Julie Piekarski: Julie Lipton

147. "Irresistable Jack"    #0716

           Jack buys a fake moustache, hoping it will make him more 
      attractive to girls but he ends up snaring Terri who finds Jack 
      resembles an old flame she was crazy about in medical school.

                   Guest stars: Anthony Holland: Layne
                                Mina Kolb: Mrs. Alden
                                Jenny Sherman: Ginger
                                Brad Blaisdell: Mike The Bartender

148. "Jack Goes The Distance"    #0717

           Jack is challenged to a boxing match by a tough guy.

                   Guest stars: Paul Sylvan: Biff Bower
                                Johnny Haymer: Rocco
                                Brad Blaisdell: Mike The Bartender

149. "The Apartment"    #0718

           No details available.

150. "The Reluctant Gambler"     #0719

           Jack's high society date takes him to a gambling party where 
      they play with lots of fake money; only Jack thinks it's real and 
      panics when he loses a bundle.

                   Guest stars: Deborah Tranelli: Jessica Barrish
                                John David Carson: Bradley Hastings
                                Archie Lang: Barry
                                Glenn Ash: Man
                                Beverly Dixon: Evelyn
                                Michael Yama: Groupier
                                Richard Partlow: Roulette Tourner
                                Reid Shelton: Nathan Barrish

151. "Secret Rendezvous"     #0720

           No details available.

152. "Navy Blues"    #0721

           An unscrupulous navy buddy of Jack's comes to town and worms 
      his way into Jack's restaurant business, thinking he will just take 

                   Guest stars: Rod McCary: Bill Martin
                                Patty Regan: Marilyn Carmichael
                                Frank Moon: Warren Carmichael
                                Karla Bush: Telegram Lady
                                Jordan Charney: Angelino

153. "Borrowing Trouble"    #0722

           Janet and Terri overhear and misunderstand a conversation 
      Jack and Mr. Angelino are having about finances and think Jack is 
      in debt. They arrange for Jack to 'win' money on a faked radio 
      show; money borrowed from Mr. Furley and Larry. However, Jack uses 
      the sudden winfall to buy a new leather coat he's always wanted.

                   Guest stars: D. D. Howard: Lola
                                Curtis Taylor: Pete
                                Dee Dee Rescher: Dee Dee The Waitress
                                Brad Blaisdell: Mike The Bartender
                                Jordan Charney: Angelino


8th Season:  (1984-85)

157. "Out On A Limb"     #0801

           Jack believes a food critic who visited his restaurant is 
      going to give him a bad review so he writes a scathing letter to him. 
      When he learns that the review is very favorable, he tries to retrieve 
      the letter unopened and unread.

                   Guest stars: Ken Olfson: Patrick Townsend
                                Gary Grubbs: Harry
                                Natalie Core: Miss Fitsimmons
                                Dallas Alinder: Sam The Postman
                                Tessa Richarde: Melissa

158. "Alias Jack Tripper"    #0802

           Janet wants Jack to take out her old friend, Agnes, who's 
      coming for a visit and Jack has a date with another woman so he 
      enlists the aid of Larry, who pretends he's Jack, for the benefit 
      of Agnes.

                   Guest stars: Rita Wilson: Agnes Platt
                                Lana Clarkson: Sharon Gordon

159. "Jack, Be Quick"    #0803

           No details available.

160. "The Money Machine"     #0804

           Jack encounters an overgenerous banking machine and hides the 
      extra money in the couch. Furley decides this would be a good day to 
      replace the couch with a new one.

                   Guest stars: Gerald Hiken: Brody
                                Floyd Levine: Security Officer
                                Chuck Lindsey: Bank Guard
                                Daniel Greene: Poilce Officer
                                Anne Ramsey: Woman At Bank

161. "She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not"    #0805

           Jack is convinced one of the girls is secretly in love with 
      him so Larry cooks up a scheme to isolate them and Jack in a 
      cabin so that they can each have a turn to come clean.

                   No guest stars.

162. "Hearing Is Believing"     #0806

           A woman wants Jack to father her child and Janet 
      misinterprets an overheard phone conversation as being that Jack 
      has deserted a woman he made pregnant.

                   Guest stars: Joanna Kerns: Cheryl
                                Robyn Peterson: Tammy

163. "Now You See It, Now You Don't"    #0807

           No details available.

164. "The Charming Stranger"   #0808

           The new neighbor is rather strange and the trio think he is a 
      jewel thief and a murderer, judging from sounds they overhear coming 
      from his apartment when, in actuality, he is rehearsing a 
      ventriloquist act for a local appearance.

                   Guest stars: Lawrence Guittard: Leslie Bennington
                                Jerry Layne: Pamela

165. "Janet Shapes Up"    #0809

           To save Janet's new dancing job, Jack must date a lecherous 
      female instructor.

                   Guest stars: Victoria Carroll: Tina
                                Douglas Alan Shanklin: Ron
                                Jacque Lynn Colton: Plump Lady

166. "The Recipe"    #0810

           Jack's recipe that Larry entered into a contest for him wins 
      one of the finalist prizes but Jack must dress as a grandmother in 
      order to go head-to-head with the other contestants in a bakeoff 
      open only to women.

                   Guest stars: Parley Baer: Bert Landis
                                Cisse Cameron: Melody Wilson
                                Toni Sawyer: Marion Holman
                                Eileen Crawford: Brenda McNair

167. "Look What I Found"    #0811

           The trio find some kittens on their doorstep and want to give 
      them a good home despite the building's no-pet rules so they plot to 
      get soft-hearted Ralph involved to help them with their case.

                   Guest stars: George O. Petrie: Mr. Williams
                                Kaleena Kiff: Muffit

168. "Like Father, Like Son"     #0812

           Jack's father returns to town and Jack is bitter for the lost 

                   Guest stars: Dick Shawn: Jack Tripper, Sr.
                                Marsha Haynes: Jennifer Gardner
                                Fran Ryan: Hilda
                                Steffen Zacharias: Henry
                                Jordan Charney: Angelino

169. "The Odd Couples"    #0813

           A married doctor has put moves on Terri and the trio and Larry 
      put on a show to catch him in the act and embarrass him in front of 
      his wife.

                   Guest stars: John Reilly: Dr. Malcolm Kenderson
                                Judith-Marie Bergam: Gail Kenderson
                                Bob Tzudiker: Mr. Jones
                                Amy Stuckey: Sue Anne

170. "Baby, It's Cold Inside"     #0814

           When they surprise a burglar robbing the reataurant after 
      store hours, Jack and Ralph are locked in the meat freezer by the 

                   Guest stars: Frank Schuller: Police Officer
                                Joe George: Crook

171. "Itching For Trouble"     #0815

           To help an old school chum save her marriage, Jack agrees to 
      talk to her husband, a very jealous, big man. However, he learns she 
      met with someone that day and now has poison ivy and so will the 
      man she met up with...Jack.

                   Guest stars: Don Sparks: Francis Kirk
                                Greta Blackburn: Robyn Kirk

172. "Forget Me Not"    #0816

           Jack feigns amnesia to milk some sympathy from the girls and 
      the girls, suspecting a faker, set up a prank to make Jack think 
      he's marrying a strange woman.

                   Guest stars: Taaffe O'Connell: Barbara Howard
                                Richard Karron: Officer
                                Michael Ensign: Doctor
                                Sheila Rogers: Marge Andrews
                                Carol McAdam: Nurse

173. "Jack's Tattoo"    #0817

           Waking up from a wild party the night before, Jack learns that 
      his navy buddies got him a tattoo while he was drunk.

                   Guest stars: Bill Cort: Dr. Porter
                                Linda Hoy: Nurse Brown
                                Patty Dworkin: Mother Of Baby
                                Eleanor Mondale: Dr. Fairmont
                                Judy Walton: Nurse Johnson

174. "Jack Takes Off"    #0818

           To score points with a new neighbor, a beautiful artist, Jack 
      poses nude for her art class.

                   Guest stars: Sondra Currie: Arlene Price
                                Janice Heiden: Marilyn Campbell
                                Britt Leach: Frank The Bartender

175. "The Heiress" (aka The Inheritance)   #0819

           An old flower shop customer of Janet's leaves her a little 
      something in his will and his family try to cut her out. She meets 
      her future husband in this episode.

                   Guest stars: David Ruprecht: Phillip Dawson
                                Fran Ryan: Grace
                                Ian Abercrombie: Lawyer
                                Robert Clotworthy: Tony Williams
                                Twyla Littleton: Ann

176. "Cupid Works Overtime"    #0820

           Jack meets the new love of his life, Vicky, and Phillip 
      proposes to Janet.

                   Guest stars: Mary Cadorette: Vicky Bradford
                                David Ruprecht: Phillip Dawson
                                Dorothy Patterson: Little Old Lady
                                John Martin: Rex
                                Rovert Mandan: James Bradford

177/178. "Friends and Lovers" (Part 1 & 2)   #0821/0822 

               One hour special featuring Janet's wedding and sets up the 
          situation for Jack and Vicky to move in together. Storyline 
          continues into 'Three's A Crowd'.

                   Guest stars: Mary Cadorette: Vicky Bradford
                                David Ruprecht: Phillip Dawson
                                Henry Sutton: Minister
                                Robert Clotworthy: Tony Williams
                                K.C. Winkler: Nancy
                                Robert Mandan: James Bradford


9th Season: (1985-86)

Three's A Crowd:

#0101 The Happy Couple

#0102 Family Affair

#0103 The Maternal Triangle

#0104 A Little Competition

#0105 A Matter Of Money

#0106 Daddy's Little Girl

#0107 James Steps Out

#0108 Jack's Problem

#0109 A Foreign Affair

#0110 Vacation From Sex

#0111 A Friend In Deed

#0112 The Honeymooners

#0113 Father Knows Nothing

#0114 A Case Of Sour Grapes

#0115 One Ego To Go

#0116 Private Lessons

#0117 Deeds Of Trust

#0118 September Song

#0119 The New Mr. Bradford

#0120 King For A Day

#0121 A Star Is Born

#0122 Jack Gets Trashed


Tony Cianfaglione