As a member of the North Alabama Shell Club, the Conchologists of America and the American Malacological Society, I have included information on this page which may be of interest to shell enthusiasts, and/or educators. Constructive feedback on this site may be sent to dwills@hiwaay.net.

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  1. Alabama Mollusks
    A. Overview
    B. Alabama State shell: Scaphella junonia johnstoneae Clench, 1953
    C. Endangered and Candidate species
    D. Examples/lists of Alabama Mollusks: Freshwater, Marine, Land, Fossil
    E. Zebra Mussels
    F. Bibliography
    G. Additional Resource Links

  2. Organizations (Shell/Mollusk-related)
    A. North Alabama Shell Club (NASC logo)
    B. Conchologists of America (COA logo)
    C. American Malacological Society

  3. Other Information Sources
    A. Mollusk Eggcases -- a brief discussion of mollusk eggcases with some examples.
    B. Books on Mollusks (and/or their shells) in the Huntsville Public Library.
    C. Bibliography -- Mollusks (Non-Marine)

  4. Miscellaneous

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