Books on Mollusks in Huntsville Libraries

May 1995
Compiled by Deborah Wills

This list of books on mollusks and/or their shells was compiled from the Library Management Network's online catalog. The books were listed as being available at the Huntsville Public Library or one of its branches. This list is not meant to be a recommendation of any particular title, nor is it complete, so browse the book shelves and/or ask a librarian for help. Suggestions, comments, and other feedback should be mailed to

Copyright 1995 by Deborah Wills
Single copies of this list may be made for individual use only.

Abbott, R. Tucker. 1962.
Sea shells of the world: a guide to the better-known species.
594 ABB Ad Non Fic; J594 ABB Jv Non Fic

Abbott, R. Tucker. 1968.
Seashells of North America: a guide to field identification.
594 ABB Ad Non Fic

Abbott, R. Tucker. 1972.
Kingdom of the seashell.
R594 ABB Reference

Abbott, R. Tucker. 1982.
Compendium of seashells: a color guide to more than 4,200 of the world's marine shells.
594 ABB Ad Non Fic

Abbott, R. Tucker. 1989.
594 ABB Ad Non Fic

Abbott, R. Tucker. 1991.
Seashells of the Northern Hemisphere.
574 ABB Ad Non Fic

Adams, Pylliss. 1987.
Seashell magic.
E ADA Easy (Fiction)

Althea. 1988.
J594.3 ALT Jv Non Fic

Arthur, Alex. 1989.
J594 ART Jv Non Fic

Brost, F. B. 1971.
A Guide to shell collecting in the Kwajalein Atoll.
594 BRO Ad Non Fic

Cavanna, Betty. 1955.
The First book of sea shells.
J594 CAV Jv Non Fic

Coldrey, Jennifer. 1933.
Shells: investigate and understand the enchanting world of shells.
J594 COL Jv Non Fic

Conklin, William A. 1995.
Inner dimensions: the radiographic world of William Conklin.
594.0471 CON Ad Non Fic (Shells--Radiography)

Cooper, Jason. 1992.
Sea shells.
J594 COO Jv Non Fic

Cox, Victoria. 1974.
Nature's carpet sweeper.
J593 COX Jv Non Fic (Snails)

Dance, Peter S. 1966.
Shell collecting: an illustrated history.
594 DAN Ad Non Fic

Dance, Peter S. 1992.
Shells: the visual guide to more than 500 species of seashells from around the world.
J594 DAN Jv Non Fic

Florian, Douglas. 1986.
Discovering seashells.
J594.0471 FLO Jv Non Fic

Forey, Pamela. 1987.
An instant guide to seashells ...
J594 FOR Jv Non Fic

Frost, Wendy. 1992.
Neptune's garden: shells from A to Z.
594 FRO Ad Non Fic

Goudey, Alice E. 1959.
Houses from the sea.
J594 GOU Jv Non Fic

Henwood, Chris. 1988.
Snails and slugs.
J594.3 HEN Jv Non Fic (Snails as pets)

Jenkins, Marie M. 1972.
The Curious mollusks.
J594 JEN Jv Non Fic

Kellin, Sally Moffet. 1968.
A Book of snails.
J594 KEL Jv Non Fic

Krauss, Helen K. 1976.
Shell art: a handbook for making shell flowers, mosaics, jewelry, and other ornaments.
Murphy Branch 745.55 KRA Ad Non Fic

Martin, Curtis.
The story of shells: a guide book for young collectors.
J594 MAR Jv Non Fic

Melvin, A. Gordon. 1973.
Seashell parade: fascinating facts, pictures and stories.
594 MEL Ad Non Fic

Morris, Dean. 1977.
Animals that live in shells.
Murphy Branch J594 MOR Jv Non Fic

Morris, Percy A. 1947 .
A Field guide to the shells of our Atlantic coast.
594 MOR Ad Non Fic

Richardson, Joy. 1993.
J594 RIC Jv Non Fic

Romashko, Sandra. 1974.
The Shell book: the complete guide to collecting & identifying ...
J594 ROM Jv Non Fic

Rosenburg, Gary. 1992.
The Encyclopedia of seashells.
R594 ROS Reference

Ruschenberger, W. S. 1844.
Elements of conchology.
Z594 RUS Rare Book

Sabelli, Bruno. 1980.
Simon & Schuster's guide to shells.
594 SAB Ad Non Fic

Sandved, Kjell Bloch. 1973.
Shells in color.
594 SAN Ad Non Fic

Sauer, Peter. 1968.
Seashell towns.
J594 SAU Jv Non Fic

Saunders, Graham D. 1979.
Spotter's guide to shells: an introduction to seashells of the world.
594 Ad Non Fic

Schisgall, Oscar. 1970.
The Remarkable creature, the snail.
J594 SCH Jv Non Fic

Sheets, Elva D. 1974.
The fascinating world of the sea: circling the globe for the wild seashell.
Madison Branch 574.92 SHE Ad Non Fic

Stix, Hugh. 1988.
The Shell: five hundred million years of inspired design.
594.0471 STI Ad Non Fic

Webb, Walter Freeman. 1948.
Handbook for shell collectors: illustrated and descriptions of over 2,000 marine species foreign to the United States of America.
594 WEB (Also: R594 WEB Ref.)

Wills, Deborah R. 1995.
Freshwater mussels of the Tennessee River near Decatur, Alabama.
H 574.0976 WIL Special Bk.

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. 1994.
What lives in a shell?
J591 ZOE Jv Non Fic

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