Alabama Mollusks -- Candidates

The following list of Alabama mollusks were "candidates" for protection under the Endangered Species Program before the candidate program was restructured. This data was taken from the US Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Program home page and was dated November 15, 1994. Several species have since been officially recognized as Endangered or Threatened. If possible, those species were removed from this listing. This list should not be considered authoritative. Constructive feedback on this page should be sent to

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Database Structure
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CLAMS & MUSSELS (Mollusks, Class Bivalvia)
CatTCReg Scientific NameFamilyCommon NameRange
2DR6Alasmidonta marginataUnionidaeElktoeAL, IN, KS, MD, OK, MI, MO, MN, ND, NY, OH, OK, PA, SD, TN, VA, WI, WV, Canada.
2DR4Cumberlandia monodonta (Say, 1829)MargaritiferidaeSpectacle case (pearly mussel)AL, AR, IA, IN, IL, KY, MO, NE, OH, TN, VA, WI.
2UR4Elliptio nigella (I. Lea, 1852)UnionidaeWinged spike (=recovery pearly mussel)AL, GA.
2DR4Epioblasma triquetra (Rafinesque, 1820)UnionidaeSnuffbox musselAL, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MS, MI, MO, OH, PA, TN, VA, WI, WV, Canada.
2UR4Fusconaia escambia Clench and Turner, 1956UnionidaeNarrow pigtoe (mussel)AL, FL.
2DR4Lampsilis australis Simpson, 1900UnionidaeSouthern sandshell (mussel)AL, FL.
2DR4Lampsilis binominata Simpson, 1900UnionidaeLined pocketbook (mussel)AL, GA.
2DR4Lampsilis haddletoni Athearn, 1964UnionidaeHaddleton lampmusselAL, FL.
2DR4Lasmigona holstonia (I. Lea, 1838)UnionidaeTennessee heelsplitter (mussel)AL, GA, IL, IN, KY, TN, VA.
2DR4Lexingtonia dolabelloides (I. Lea, 1840)UnionidaeSlabside pearlymusselAL, TN, VA.
2DR4Margaritifera marrianae Johnson, 1983MargaritiferidaeAlabama pearlshellAL.
2UR4Obovaria rotulata (B.H. Wright, 1899)UnionidaeRound ebonyshell (mussel)AL, FL.
2DR4Pleurobema pyramidatum (=rubrum) (Rafinesque, 1820)UnionidaePink pigtoe (mussel)AL, KY, MS, TN.
2DR4Pleurobema rubellum (Conrad, 1834)UnionidaeWarrior pigtoe (mussel)AL.
2DR4Pleurobema strodeanum (B.H. Wright 1898)UnionidaeFuzzy pigtoe (mussel)AL, FL.
2DR4Pleurobema verum (I.Lea, 1860)UnionidaeTrue pigtoe (mussel)AL.
2DR4Ptychobranchus jonesi (van der Schalie, 1934)UnionidaeSouthern kidneyshell (mussell)AL, FL.
2DR4Quadrula cylindrica cylindrica (Say, 1817)UnionidaeRabbitsfoot (mussel)AL, AR, IL, IN, KY, MO, OH, OK, PA, TN, WV.
2DR4Quincuncina burkei Walker, 1922UnionidaeTapered pigtoe (mussel)AL, FL.
2UR4Villosa choctawensis Athearn, 1964UnionidaeChoctaw bean (=Choctaw pearly mussel)AL, FL.
2UR5Villosa fabalis (Lea, 1831)UnionidaeRayed bean (mussel)AL, IL, IN, KY, MI, NY, OH, TN, PA, VA, WV, Canada.

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SNAILS (Mollusks, Class Gastropoda)
CatTCRegScientific NameFamilyCommon NameRange
2UR4Amphigyra alabamensis Pilsbry, 1906PlanorbidaeShoal sprite (snail)AL.
2UR4Antrorbis breweri Herschler & Thompson, 1990Hydrobiidae(Snail, no common name)AL.
2UR4Campeloma decampi ("Currier" Binney, 1865)ViviparidaeSlender campeloma (snail)AL.
3ANR4Clappia cahabensis Clench, 1965HydrobiidaeCahaba pebblesnailAL.
3ANR4Clappia umbilicata (Walker, 1904)HydrobiidaeUmbilicate pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Elimia acuta (I. Lea, 1831)PleuroceridaeAcute elimia (snail)AL, TN.
2UR4Elimia alabamensis (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeMud elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia albanyensis (=Goniobasis a.) (I. Lea, 1864)PleuroceridaeBlack-crest elima (=Albany snail)AL, GA.
3ANR4Elimia ampla (Anthony, 1854)PleuroceridaeAmple elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia annettae (Goodrich, 1941)PleuroceridaeLily Shoals elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia bellula (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeWalnut elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia boykiniana (I. Lea, 1840)PleuroceridaeFlaxen elimia (snail)AL, GA.
3ANR4Elimia brevis (Reeve, 1860)PleuroceridaeShort-spire elimia (snail)AL.
3CNR4Elimia cahawbensis (I. Lea, 1841)PleuroceridaeCahaba elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia capillaris (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeSpindle elimia (snail)AL, GA.
2UR4Elimia fascinans (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeBanded elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia fusiformis (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeFusiform elimia (snail)AL.
3CNR4Elimia gerhardti (I. Lea, 1862)PleuroceridaeColdwater elimia (snail)AL, GA.
3ANR4Elimia hartmaniana (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeHigh-spired elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia haysiana (I. Lea, 1843)PleuroceridaeSilt elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia hydei (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeGladiator elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia impressa (I. Lea, 1841)PleuroceridaeConstricted elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia interveniens (I. Lea, 1862)PleuroceridaeSlowwater elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia jonesi (Goodrich, 1936)PleuroceridaeHearty elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia laeta (Jay, 1839)PleuroceridaeRibbed elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia nassula (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeRound-rib elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia olivula (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeCaper elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia pilsbryi (Goodrich, 1927)PleuroceridaeRough-lined elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia porreta (I. Lea, 1863)PleuroceridaeNymph elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia prestriata (I. Lea, 1852)PleuroceridaeEngraved elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia pupaeformis (I. Lea, 1864)PleuroceridaePupa elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia pybasi (I. Lea, 1862)PleuroceridaeSpring elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia pygmaea (H. H. Smith, 1936)PleuroceridaePygmy elimia (snail)AL.
3CNR4Elimia showalteri (I. Lea, 1860)PleuroceridaeCompact elimia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Elimia vanuxemiana (I. Lea, 1843)PleuroceridaeCobble elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Elimia varians (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaePuzzle elimia (snail)AL.
3CNR4Elimia variata (I. Lea, 1861)PleuroceridaeSquat elimia (snail)AL.
2UR4Ferrissia mcneili Walker, 1925AncylidaeHood ancylid (snail)AL, FL.
2UR4Glyphyalinia pecki Hubricht, 1966ZonitidaeBlind glyph (snail)AL.
3ANR4Gyrotoma excisa (I. Lea, 1843)PleuroceridaeExcised slitshellAL.
3ANR4Gyrotoma lewisi (I. Lea, 1869)PleuroceridaeStriate slitshellAL.
3ANR4Gyrotoma pagoda (I. Lea, 1845)PleuroceridaePagoda slitshellAL.
3ANR4Gyrotoma pumila (I. Lea, 1860)PleuroceridaeRibbed slitshellAL.
3ANR4Gyrotoma pyramidata (Shuttleworth, 1845)PleuroceridaePyramid slitshellAL.
3ANR4Gyrotoma walkeri (H. H. Smith, 1924)PleuroceridaeRound slitshellAL.
3ANR4Leptoxis clipeata (H. H. Smith, 1922)PleuroceridaeAgate rocksnailAL.
2UR4Leptoxis compacta (Anthony, 1854)PleuroceridaeOblong rocksnailAL.
2UR4Leptoxis crassa (=Athearnia c.) (Haldeman, 1841)PleuroceridaeBoulder (=crass river) snailAL, GA, TN.
3ANR4Leptoxis formanii (I. Lea, 1843)PleuroceridaeInterrupted rocksnailAL.
3ANR4Leptoxis formosa (I. Lea, 1860)PleuroceridaeMaiden rocksnailAL.
3ANR4Leptoxis ligata (Anthony, 1860)PleuroceridaeRotund rocksnailAL.
3ANR4Leptoxis lirata (H. H. Smith, 1922)PleuroceridaeLyrate rocksnailAL.
2UR4Leptoxis melanoidus (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeBlack mudalia (snail)AL.
2UR4Leptoxis minor (Hinckley, 1912)PleuroceridaeKnob mudalia (snail)AL.
3ANR4Leptoxis occulata (H. H. Smith, 1922)PleuroceridaeBigmouth rocksnailAL.
2UR4Leptoxis picta (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeSpotted rocksnailAL.
3ANR4Leptoxis showalteri (I. Lea, 1860)PleuroceridaeCoosa rocksnailAL.
2UR4Leptoxis virgata (I. Lea, 1841)PleuroceridaeSmooth rocksnailAL, TN, NC.
3ANR4Leptoxis vittata (I. Lea, 1860)PleuroceridaeStriped rocksnailAL.
2UR4Lithasia armigera (Say, 1821)PleuroceridaeArmored rocksnail (=armigerous river snail)AL, IN, KY, TN.
2UR4Lithasia armigera (Say, 1821)PleuroceridaeArmored rocksnailAL, IN, KY, TN.
2UR4Lithasia curta (I. Lea, 1868)PleuroceridaeKnobby rocksnailAL.
2UR4Lithasia geniculata (Haldeman, 1840)PleuroceridaeOrnate rocksnail (=geniculate river snail)AL, KY, TN.
2UR4Lithasia lima (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeWarty rocksnail (=Elk River file snail)AL, TN.
2UR4Lithasia salebrosa (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeMuddy rocksnail (=rugged river snail)AL, TN.
2UR4Lithasia verrucosa (Rafinesque, 1820)PleuroceridaeVaricose rocksnail (=verrucose file snail)AL, KY, OH, TN.
2UR4Mesodon clausus trossulus Hubricht, 1966Polygyridae(Snail, no common name)AL.
2UR4Neoplanorbis carinatus Walker, 1908Planorbidae(Snail, no common name)AL.
2UR4Neoplanorbis smithi Walker, 1908Planorbidae(Snail, no common name)AL.
2UR4Neoplanorbis tantillus Pilsbry, 1906Planorbidae(Snail, no common name)AL.
2UR4Neoplanorbis umbilicatus Walker, 1908Planorbidae(Snail, no common name)AL.
2UR4Pleurocera (=Elimia) annulifera (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeRinged hornsnailAL.
2UR4Pleurocera alveare (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeRugged hornsnailAL, AR, KY, MO, TN.
2UR4Pleurocera brumbyi (I. Lea, 1852)PleuroceridaeSpiral hornsnailAL.
2UR4Pleurocera corpulenta (Anthony, 1854)PleuroceridaeCorpulent hornsnailAL, TN.
2UR4Pleurocera curta (Haldeman, 1841)PleuroceridaeShortspire hornsnailAL, TN.
2UR4Pleurocera foremani (I. Lea, 1843)PleuroceridaeRough hornsnailAL, GA.
2UR4Pleurocera postelli (I. Lea, 1862)PleuroceridaeBroken hornsnailAL.
2UR4Pleurocera pyrenella (Conrad, 1834)PleuroceridaeSkirted hornsnailAL, GA.
2UR4Pleurocera showalteri (I. Lea, 1862)PleuroceridaeUpland hornsnailAL, GA.
2UR4Pleurocera walkeri Goodrich, 1928PleuroceridaeTelescope hornsnailAL, TN.
2UR4Pyrgulopsis (=Marstonia) sp.HydrobiidaeBriley Creek pyrg (snail)AL.
2UR4Pyrgulopsis (=Marstonia) sp.HydrobiidaeSpring Creek pyrg (snail)AL.
2UR4Pyrgulopsis (=Marstonia) sp.HydrobiidaeFlint River pyrg (snail)AL.
2UR4Pyrgulopsis olivacea (=Marstonia o.) (Pilsbry, 1895)HydrobiidaeOlive marstonia (snail)AL.
2SR4Pyrgulopsis pachyta (=Marstonia p.) (F. G. Thompson, 1977)HydrobiidaeArmored (=thick-shelled) marstonia (snail)AL.
2UR4Rhodacmea elatior (Anthony, 1855)AncylidaeDomed ancylid (snail)AL.
2UR4Rhodacmea filosa (Conrad, 1834)AncylidaeWicker ancylid (snail)AL.
2UR4Somatogyrus aureus Tryon, 1865HydrobiidaeGolden pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus biangulatus Walker, 1906HydrobiidaeAngular pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus constrictus Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeKnotty pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus coosaensis Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeCoosa pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus crassus Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeStocky pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus currierianus (I. Lea, 1863)HydrobiidaeTennessee pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus deciphens Walker, 1909HydrobiidaeHidden pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus excavatus Walker, 1906HydrobiidaeOvate pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus hendersoni Walker, 1909HydrobiidaeFluted pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus hinkleyi Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeGranite pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus humerosus Walker, 1906HydrobiidaeAtlas pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus nanus Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeDwarf pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus obtusus Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeMoon pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus pilsbryanus Walker, 1904HydrobiidaeTallapoosa pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus pygmaeus Walker, 1909HydrobiidaePygmy pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus quadratus Walker, 1906HydrobiidaeQuadrate pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus sargenti Pilsbryi, 1895HydrobiidaeMud pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus strengi Pilsbry & Walker, 1906HydrobiidaeRolling pebblesnailAL.
2UR4Somatogyrus tennesseensis Walker, 1906HydrobiidaeOpaque pebblesnailAL, TN.
2SR4Stiobia nana (Thompson, 1978)HydrobiidaeSculpin snailAL.
2UR4Vertigo alabamensis Clapp, 1915PupillidaeAlabama vertigo (snail)AL.

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