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A Quick Overview

The purpose of our Club is to bring together people interested in collecting and studying mollusk shells; to encourage shell-related interests, such as shellcraft and shell art; and, to encourage others to discover the beauty, uses, mystery and fascination of shells and shellfish.

The Club was formed in 1988 and meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. unless special meeting times are planned. The location is discussed at meetings and/or announced in the Club newsletter The Nautiloid, published bimonthly.

Club membership is for the calendar year with dues payable in January of each year. Dues are $7.50 for single, and $12.00 for family memberships. Late memberships are retroactive to January.

The Club adopted the Nautilus pompilius Linné, 1758 (Chambered Nautilus) as its Club shell. The Club pin features a Nautilus and costs $3.00 for members, $4.00 for non-members.

The Alabama State Shell is the Scaphella junonia johnstoneae Clench, 1953. The Bill was signed into law by the Governor on April 19, 1990

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For more information on the Club, contact:

Glen Deuel
Editor, The Nautiloid
8011 Camille Dr. SE
Huntsville, AL 35802

(256) 881-4067


Or email me at

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These information sources/links are provided as a service to NASC members. The NASC is NOT responsible for the contents of these pages, nor for the links attached to these pages.

    Alabama Mollusks:

    Mollusk eggcases -- a brief discussion of mollusk eggcases with some examples.

    Conch-L -- an electronic discussion group for email networking related to mollusk shells. This discussion group is sponsored by the Conchologists of America, Inc.

    Selected Sources of Information on Mollusks -- This site lists general reference and identification books as well as selections for the young collector, adult beginner and regional identification. There is also a section of major public shell collections.

    Mollusk Evolution Listserver Information -- an electronic discussion group for email networking related to mollusks.

    Tide Predictor -- program for predicting the times and magnitude of high and low tides at hundreds of locations throughout the world.

    American Malacological Society -- An international society of individuals and organizations with an active interest in the study and conservation of mollusks.

    Shell Clubs/Organizations:

    Conchologists of America (
    COA is a national organization for conchologists and shell collectors. Their site, Conch-Net, is full of information on shells and is well worth exploring.
    A local contact for information on the COA is Glen Deuel (
    Shell clubs and Institutions.
    Listings for shell clubs, conchological, and/or malacological organizations from around the world.
    Vita Marina/Spirula.
    This site has several items of interest including a list of shows/meetings, and a directory of cyberconchologists/malacologists.
    Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
    The Georgia Shell Club

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The North Alabama Shell Club



In 1988, the North Alabama region lacked an organized forum for sharing information on shells, but it did not lack people who shared a deep love for and interest in them. At the Conchologists of America (COA) Convention that year, several of these enthusiastic and energetic people decided to form a non-profit organization that would promote public interest and education in shells.

In the late fall of that year, an organizational meeting was held in Huntsville, Alabama. Advertisements were placed in local newspapers to announce a January 1989, meeting. Ten people attended this first public meeting, and the North Alabama Shell Club was born.

In the spring of 1990, the club adopted Nautilus pompilius Linné, 1758, the Chambered Nautilus, as its logo and on May 17, adopted its first set of bylaws. These bylaws were amended in December 1990 and again in January 1991. In September 1990, the club began publishing a bimonthly newsletter called The Nautiloid, edited by Glen Deuel, a founding club member. The newsletter is used to disseminate information to members about shell-related topics and Club activities. Newsletters are exchanged with other shell clubs and these other newsletters are available for Club members to read.

Public awareness programs have included "shell talks" by Club members to schools and civic organizations in the area, and exhibiting shells in local public libraries. A shell exhibit was placed in the Decatur Public Library (1989), in the Huntsville Public Library (1990, 1994, 1996-1998), and in a local art museum (1992). Other public education activities are currently under consideration. The Internet has provided another method for sharing information on mollusks. Be sure to check out the information links on this page.

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The regular Club meeting is the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise agreed upon by the Club members. Though each meeting is different, a typical meeting would include a business section to deal with old and new business matters, one or more short programs given by Club members and/or guests, and a time for fellowship and shells. Club members may bring shells to show, give away, and/or sell. Everyone usually enjoys looking even if they don't buy.

Program topics are usually shell-related and are given to an audience of mixed interests and education levels. Some past program topics have included: Personal shelling experiences; Shell moneys; Shell art; Freshwater mussels; How to prepare a display case; Starfish; Black Cowries of New Caledonia; and discussions on other specific shells or shell groups. Several Club members have large collections which have been made available for viewing and/or talks.

At least once a year, the Club organizes a picnic or other outing that members and their families can attend. This gives us a chance to fellowship with family members who are not shell enthusiasts or who cannot attend regular meetings for whatever reason.

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