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Thank you for dropping by. What you will find here are quick information access to my hometowns (Tokachi-Shimizu and Sapporo, Japan and Huntsville, Alabama, USA) and a list of places that will help you keep up with what goes on in the two countries and in the people's minds. I plan to update as I find more interesting places to visit and some original materials become available. So, stay tuned for future additions. ()

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  • My Blog on Hormone Research

  • Dr. Sullivan's articles on sensible psychotherapy
    Much needed Internet resource to understand today's mature and effective psychotherapy. Dr. Kenneth P. Sullivan (Huntsville, Alabama), a licensed psychologist for nearly twenty years, has seen a lot of therapy fads come and go. He explains what works; a treatment that is appropriately tailored for each individual case; a treatment that brings good sense to bear on the problems.

    The topics include:

  • Health Basics: Promoting Self-Healing Power

  • The tissues in our body are constantly regenerated. If we can keep the regeneration process vigorous we can slow down aging, prevent illnesses, and recover from illnesses and injuries fast. The key is to remove toxins and to fortify hormones and nutrients to create an environment that allows each cells in our body to regenerate itself in a healthier and younger image.

  • Hormonal Balance And Women's Health

  • Many health problems and risks women encounter throughout their adult years are related to progesterone (one of the two female hormones) deficiency and resulting estrogen dominance.This starts 10 to 15 years before the actual onset of menopause and causes wide range of health problems. I feel very fortunate that I came to learn about it before it was too late.
    I started using natural progesterone cream in May 1998. I am getting stronger and regaining my health. I have been telling this to every woman around me, and finding out most of them were given wrong advice and have been suffering needlessly. This web site is part of my effort to share this information with as many women as I can.

  • Adventure in Japan
    This story of an Australian couple is a "MUST READ" for anyone planning to tour Japan. They were determined to tour Japan on their own on budget. Armed with a phrasebook and a guidebook, they went, and returned with tons of stories to tell.

  • To understand US/Japan communication better: Your Japanese Guests
    Do you have culture shock experiences to share? If you do, please write to

  • American Home Cooking: Mom's Tried and True A private cookbook under construction by a 77 year-old (at the time of the current version) super lady, whom I am privileged to call "Mom". It is based on her recipe collection of many decades.

  • My weblog in Japanese [Japanese]

  • My favorite Band: SC5 The most popular page at this site.

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  • Japanese Search Engines [Japanese] Many of them have English page and translator/dictionary.

  • A Word of Caution: Many Japanese web sites offer both Japanese and English versions. But their contents are seldom identical; some items appear only in Japanese and some appear only in English. In some cases the two versions are designed separately for each target audience. So, if you see only one version you may miss some items that are included only in the other version.

    If you wish to add Japanese text capability, you can use Internet Explorer to download a Japanese font from Microsoft (Select View > Encoding > Japanese and follow the instruction). If you are uing Win 2K or XP, go to Regional Options in the Control Panel. You can install all sorts of language capabilities there. If you wish to see Japanese software available in stores outside Japan, go to AsiaSoft.

    If you need a help with Japanese language tools in general, see Jim Breen's Japanese Page. Guide to Japanese Computing at University Washington is also a good site.

    Japan/Hokkaido Connection

    Hometown: [Japanese]Shimizu-cho Mikage is where I was born and grew up. The people in Mikage love ice sports especially ice hockey. My parents lived practically next-door to the town's prized Ice Arena. From a neighboring town comes Agriculture Research Center [Japanese]. Providers in Tokachi are [Japanese]SystemSupport, [Japanese]NetBeet. See [Japanese]Tokachi Magazine and [Japanese]Tokachi mail about life in Tokchi. [Japanese]Sapporo became my hometown after I left home for college. [Japanese]Hokkaido University is my alma mater. [Japanese]Hokkaido News Paper and [Japanese]Hokkaido Internet Association will lead you to many hokkaido sites.

    Latest Weather: [Japanese]Yahoo! Japan Weather page and [Japanese]Japan Weather Association

    Information: Your best bet is Japanese Search Engines. Many of them have English pages and translator/dictionaries.

    [Japanese]List of weblogs. The century-old Japanese tradition of diary literature takes on a new life and form on the net? No English.

    Government: The Prime Minister's office [Japanese] It is also an entry point to Japanese government www pages.

    News: Hokkaido Newspaper [Japanese] See also nikkei[English] mainichi[English] asahi[English] yomiuri[English]

    Tokyo Review[Japanese] An online magazine written by Hanawa Club members[Japanese]

    Cyber Book Store: TRC HOME Page [Japanese]

    Japanese computer software store outside Japan : Extensive Network of Dealers of AsiaSoft

    US/Huntsville, Alabama Connection

    Hometown: City of Huntsville
    Japan in Huntsville

  • HiWAAY Information Services My Internet provider.
  • WAAY-TV is a local TV startion.
  • The Huntsville Times a local news paper.
  • Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County[Japanese]

    Alabama information can be found at Alabama State government,, [Japanese] is a members only 60+pages of Alabama Guide in Japanese at The Japan-America Society of Alabama. [Japanese] lets you see the first few pages.


    For more weather stuff:

  • Weather.GOV.
  • Government: Welcome to the White House, The Congress:Thomas

    News: National and world news are also available on Interent radio: NPR and Air America Radio. Radio news from many corners of the world can be found at THE WORLD RADIO NETWORK. You can also listen to Car Talk and read more about it.

    View Points:
  • Are Japanese easy targets of scapegoating in America? Is it the yellow peril journalism that keeps American public negatively biased against Japanese? There are people who made it their business to investigate this subject. TANAKA Tomoyuki home page lists those studies and reference materials including American misconceptions about Japan FAQ which suggests that to the biased even a positive may appear negative.
  • We Reserve the right to retaliate This propaganda I stumbled onto is one of those that is fast and loose with facts and heavy on rhetoric:
  • "..."many Japanese regard themselves a victims"...They conveniently forget that after World War II in Germany there were war crime trials at Nuremberg. German military leaders were imprisoned or, in some cases, executed. In Japan there were none, despite equally horrendous atrocities committed against military prisoners and civilians occupied by Japanese troops who conductedmedical experiments on innocent people."

    The fact is that 7 Japanese, including the Prim Minister Tojo, were hung for class A war crimes by the Tokyo Trials, in addition to the 53 executed for class B and C crimes by the war crime tribunals held within Japan and 1008 by the tribunals outside of Japan (see [Japan did pay for its war crimes] by KAMISAKA Fuyuko, Bungei Shunju, pages 164-166, Feb. 1996). The curious thing is that I heard an almost identical rhetoric on a popular talk show Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central expressed passionately by a female guest (around 30 years of age, of conservative persuasion judging from her title.) Are they ignorant or malicious? Whichever is the case, the world should not be kept ignorant of the 1068 Japanese excecuted by the war tribunal.

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    Japanese Computer Soft: Extensive Network of Dealers of AsiaSoft
    Health:Those of you who wants to learn more about the latest in nutritional/natural approch to health, visit my Tried and True Online Newsletter.

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