Attention Deficit Disorder

Hi, my name is Annette Govero. My family has used Enrich products for the last 3 years. I would like to share our wonderful results with you.

First I will tell about my son Jeffery, who is now 14. He is the reason I became involved with Enrich. He was diagnosed with ADD (without hyperactivity) at the end of 2nd grade. He was put on Ritalin as he began 3rd grade. There seemed to be a slight improvement at first, but by the time he was in 4th grade, there were still problems with his attention span. He was also experiencing side effects from the harsh drug we were putting in his little 65 pound body. But I didn't know there were any other options available.

My son and his happy-go lucky attitude disappeared while he was on Ritalin. What was left was a VERY unhappy, robot-like shell of my son. His "smile" would curl his lips for a second, but never made it to his eyes. He had a blank stare most of the time. Nothing ever made him happy. And he would cry at the drop of a hat. His emotions were so out of whack that he couldn't control them and I certainly could not predict them! If, by chance, he did have a happy moment, he couldn't convey it. So, in essence, I lost my son during the "Ritalin Years". And he was still only making C's, while we were studying 3 hours or more every night.

In August 1995, school was to begin in a few weeks, so we were beginning to dose Jeffery up with Ritalin (he was completely off during the summer). But he wouldn't take it for some reason (probably because of how it made him

feel), plus I was having second thoughts about giving it to him. So I began to pray and ask if we were doing the right thing for Jeffery. (I had not shared this with anyone but God). Then a friend called me up told me about Enrich. She told me there were natural products that might help Jeffery's ADD. I

immediately felt we should try the herbs. I had found out about his problems through prayer, of course, God would lead me to the answer. We started him on Spark, Gotu Kola, and Bee Pollen with Rev drink after school. There was a vast difference in my son after only a couple of days on these products!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it!!! All of the sudden I found that happy-go-lucky child I had lost! His attitude and emotions were unbelievably changed. His grades went through the roof; he even made the honor roll for the first time in his life. And he continued to make the honor roll that year, with mostly all A's and hardly any extra study time. Talk about a self-esteem booster! Before he began his herbal therapy, he only weighed 70 pounds. He gained almost 20 pounds after being on the herbs. Today he is a very athletic built young man, 5'8" tall weighing about 140.

He is now on the brink of entering High School. He still carries an AB average, while playing almost every sport offered. He has strong emotions again though, but this time they are caused by a thing called puberty, not the strong, harsh drug Ritalin! He knows now that he can achieve any goal he sets, and he also knows what these God-given herbs have done to help him.

The rest of my family also enjoys health benefits from Enrich products. I control my hypothyroid and hormone imbalance with herbs. And now I am losing weight with the new BALANCE pack Go Equilean!!!!! My husband and youngest son also use herbs to stay healthy. Thank you God for inspiring the best technology and superior research we have in Enrich herbal products. Thank you Enrich for the best products on the market.

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