My daughter Karri is a very intelligent, sweet child, but at about 4 years old I recognized the singe of ADD/ADHD. Her preschool teacher said she would not pay attention or finish her work and didn't seem to care if she learned what was being taught or not. She was also mildly hyperactive.

Being so young her pediatrician and others suggested "behavior modification" as opposed to being tested and treated for ADD/ADHD. Thank goodness we didn't have her treated with medication. The side effects would have been worse than the disease.

The same thing happened in kindergarten. She had to repeat kindergarten and didn't do much better until the end of the year when we were introduced to Enrich International. I started her on the Children's Core Pack and Calcium/Magnesium Complex and I also took her off all dairy products.

She was also still a bedwetter at night at the age of six. One week after starting the Enrich products she stopped wetting the bed and has been dry every night since!! I noticed a behavior change immediately. She listens and does as instructed now and she is always volunteering to help me around the house.

She still had some hyperactivity which was explained to me that with ADD/ADHD the child's body goes full-speed ahead, but their brain can't keep up in order to control their actions. This year she is in the 1st grade her teacher gives her "smiley faces" when she has a good day and "sad faces" when she doesn't.

Karri consistently got sad faces three to four times a week. Either for not paying attention or not staying on task or bothering other children because she didn't want to do what the class was doing or not putting an effort into her work and just hurrying to get done so she could go play.

So I talked to our wonderful upline support who advised us to use Gotu Kola that would help speed up her brain processes so that it can control her body and would in turn control her actions. Within several days she was able to concentrate her thoughts better. Instead of looking at each letter and it's sound individually she was reading words and sentences and she began to comprehend her math too! She has had a "smiley face" every day since she has been using the Gotu Kola!!!!!!!

I really believe that the combination of the Children's Core Pack and Cal/Mag Complex along with the Gotu Kola have helped her to be able to function better as a person now that she has the natural nutritional help. What a miracle Enrich International has been for her and our family. It has truly been a gift for us and I hope it will be a gift everyone can give to themselves and everyone they know. Sincerely,

Sharie J.

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