I have two teenage daughters. My youngest, Rachel, is 15 years old and was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 11. Just before we learned about the arthritis, she had contracted a viral infection that was not correctly diagnosed. It landed in and began destroying her kidney, eating away about 25% before the correct diagnosis was made. At that time, the doctors decided to give her an extremely high dosage of a steroid (Prednisone) and a medication called Methotrexate, usually given to cancer patients at much higher levels. She had three sessions where they fed these medications through her veins. After that, the kidney deterioration had stopped.

The doctors told us she would be fine with the remaining 75% kidney function, but would probably have traces of blood in her urine for the rest of her life. (This is an important thing to remember when I tell you what Life Path did for her!) Anyway, the viral infection kicked the Arthritis into gear immediately with full force. From Rachel's shoulders to her toes, every joint hurt. In the beginning, the doctors told us we had to do something fast and aggressive if we wanted to prevent her from being crippled. Well, I can tell you, as her Mother, there was no way I was going to accept the idea of allowing a very ancient disease that had many, many years of extensive research take over my daughter's body and cripple her! They gave her very high levels of both Prednisone and Methotrexate to help with the pain and the inflammation of the joints.

She did spend a short period of time in a wheel chair and I'm sure I don't need to tell you how that felt to the entire family. That was when I decided to learn everything I could about the disease, read every article, every book, and go to as many people as I could to find out how I could help my daughter. I had to get her off the drugs, though. The long term side effects were not good and I did not feel that drugs were the answer. Short term, yes, they did work. Long term was not an option.

Rachel responded well to the medication, but lived with severe pain each and every day. She could not tie her own shoes, turn on the shower in the mornings and brushing her hair was a huge task in itself...all things most of us take for granted. The tears filled her eyes and ran down her face as she prayed for the pain to go away. My husband and I did our share of praying, asking for this to be given to us and removed from her precious little body.

In October of 1997, my co-worker and friend, Margaret Edel, told me about your company and some of its products. I was reluctant at first because, as many, I shy away from salespeople. Margaret did not want to sell me anything. She wanted to help my daughter. In November of 1997, Rachel began taking Life Path. We tripled the required dose to sort of "kick it in the rear" and see if it would show good results quickly. We kept her on the medication, with Life Path, increased her vitamin and mineral intake with Enrich products, and within a couple of months I noticed many things.

The best and most clear were the blood and urine tests taken a week before she had to go back to see her kidney specialist. I'll never forget the day he walked into the room, puzzled look on his face, asking Rachel when she had her last blood test. To his surprise, the date matched that on the report he was reviewing. He said, "There is absolutely not a trace of blood in your urine. How can that be?" As you might have guessed, I did hand him the little booklet on Life Path, the audio and video tapes, as well an ear full of what I was giving her and why. He graciously smiled, listened, took the items and was certain the tests had been switched with someone else's. Rachel has blood and urine tests taken quite often so the Rheumatologist and Kidney specialist did, in fact, see the same results over and over again.

Now that the kidney was fixed, it was time to see improvement in Rachel's joints. (By the way, I still talk to these doctors about Enrich, but they haven't figured out the benefit quite yet. Hopefully, some day they will). Since I've already written a short story, I'll try to finish right to the point. Over the past year Rachel has improved with flying colors! She takes Life Path, Glucosamine AJF, BM & C, EFA, Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals from Enrich. She is also on a very small amount of Methotrexate because the Arthritis is still very active in her hands. Her finger joints are still a bit inflamed and there is some deterioration and muscle loss that we are working on.

She sees an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and continues to meet with the Rheumatologist every three to six months. Everyone Rachel sees, especially in the medical field, are happily surprised at her progress. The Arthritis has basically gone into remission throughout her body, except her hands. She will eventually be taken completely off the medication and when she's entirely in remission, no one will be happier than Rachel and no one will be more thankful for your products than I!

I must tell you that Rachel has received athletic awards over the past three years that are difficult even for completely healthy children to receive. She was chosen Athlete Of The Year in 8th grade, ran the fastest mile (girls), is one of five starters on her High School Basketball team (plays all four quarters, every game), is Left Center on her Soccer Team and has no problem tying her shoes or turning on the shower now!

I wish I could send your products to every person out there that suffers from Arthritis, among other things. It has been such a blessing to watch our daughter improve as much as she has and again I thank you for all the great things your products do! My entire family take many Enrich products, as there are so many great things out there! I'll attempt to get this into the allowed three minutes...if you ever want this in one of your taped conference calls! (You know how long winded I can get...hee hee) .

Very Sincerely,

Kim Heridia

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