Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy

You never know when something horrifying might happen to you. You have to count your blessings and be thankful each day for what God has given you. I went to bed one night, completely normal. When I awoke, the right half of my face was paralyzed I was stricken with Bell*s Palsy I was devastated, but had faith that God would be with me.

With Bell*s Palsy, the paralysis is usually on one-side of the face, but is it not uncommon for it to affect both sides of the face. There are many symptoms associated with it. I experienced having a smile on only the left side, an inability pucker my lips to whistle, kiss or sip from a straw, numbness on the right side cheek and in the inside of my mouth--right down the middle of my tongue and the roof. I could not chew on the paralyzed side, food got caught in the cheek and liquids drooled from the corner of my mouth. Breathing was impossible on the right because of collapsed nostril and nasal muscles. I could not close my right eye and the blink was abnormal--I had a dry eye and had to cover it with a patch at night to prevent scratching and use drops regularly during the day. I perceived sounds as excessively loud and they were often painful. My eyebrow, eyelid, cheek and jaw line all drooped. I could not raise my eyebrow and my forehead would not and could not wrinkle My taste and speech were affected and my face hurt At work several people asked if I had had a stroke.

I learned that Bell's Palsy is a viral attack on the facial nerve. The paralysis is caused when the virus attacks the nerve and causes inflammation, essentially pinching the nerve and stopping the electrical impulses that flow though to the muscles I heard from various sources it could take from three months to a year or more to recover and that some people never recover completely. I looked in Recipe to Wellness, by Susan Hutchins, and found her recommendations for my condition. I immediately ordered all the Enrich products she suggested. They were to do three things: address the virus; help reduce and heal the inflammation; and provide nourishment, healing and support to the nerves. The products were SIG, a natural antibiotic; LifePath 50, a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral; and Passionflower, Stress Aid, Valerian, B-Complex and SN, all for the nerves. I started on the products and also began some rigorous facial exercises. In addition, I was placed on my church*s prayer-chain list.

In four days I began to see results. My eyebrow began to move back into its normal place and my smile started to function again, albeit just barely At the end of the first week my eye was not as dry and some feeling seemed to return to my cheek. By the end of the second week I was able to sip from a straw, my taste was beginning to return and drooling had completely ceased. My cheek had lost much of the paralysis. At the end of the third week I was 95 percent back to normal. My smile, eyebrow and forehead were almost completely normal. The pain in my face was gone, my hearing had returned to normal, the feeling in my mouth returned and I could chew normally. It took a few more days before my blink felt right. At the end of the fourth week I was completely back to normal.

Paul writes in Corinthians, *We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.* I thank God for his blessings and for Enrich each day. -- Vickie Moore

Hi Vickie,

I am glad to hear that the products were so beneficial for you. I also had this happen to me a year and a half ago, after having my baby.

I also used the products you listed plus extra B's I took and am still taking 3 B-Complex a day. I also took the essential fatty acids and an amino acid product. Within a week my face was back to normal I still keep taking all of my supplements because when I forgot to take them daily, my face will start to tingle or go numb and I know that it is a warning sign that it can happen again.

I will pass along your testimonial.


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