My daughter Melody sings with a gospel group. The group had a 17 year old young man playing key board for them. He developed Bell's Palsy. His face was drawn to one side and looked as if he had had a stroke.He was under a doctors care for about six months, but he didn't appear to be getting any better.

Our company Enrich came out with a new product LifePath. I happened to hear a testimony from a lady that had called in to Enrich. She said that this product LifePath had helped her with Bell's Palsy. I gave a bottle of the product to my daughter and told her to give it to the key board player. The group she was singing with went on tour and she called me three days later from Alabama and said, "Daddy Troy's mouth is moving". In two weeks time his face had straightened up. He said he still had no feeling in his upper lip. BUT in two more weeks he was back to normal. Thank God and Enrich for these great products.

- Kenny Layne -

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