My name is Jerry Kragt. I live near Marne Michigan. I'm 69 years old.

I would like to talk about my cancer, a little about Doug Lawrence and the Enrich company and the importance of taking charge of your life.

My doctors discovered cancer from a biopsy of a large sore on my shoulder in May of 1987. It was diagnosed as Imuno blasic T Cell Lymphoma. Without Chemo Therapy I would be dead in 9 months. I marched into the oncologist and said fix me. Isn't that what everybody does. Was I in for and eye opener. In ten weeks I lost my hair, fingernails, toe nails and 46 pounds. I was falling down. I had a spot on my lung. My kidneys became infected. I was hallucinating and dehydrated. My mouth was like raw hamburger as was my entire digestive system. I took pills to counteract the Chemo injections 14 times a day. I threw up an average of 10 times each day. I could not eat. My digestive system shut down. My hemoglobin count went down to 7.5 The Chemo therapy almost killed me.

After the Chemo, drug withdrawal caused severe pain in my legs which lasted about 6 weeks. I would begin a long painful 3 year recovery. Although I would never be the same. Meanwhile the tumors kept coming. Chemo left my legs numb and with severe arthritis in both legs. In 1988 & 89 I had both hip joints replaced . After that I have had shingles, plus two operations for carpal tunnel.

This experience helped me with one major decision that may have saved my life. I took charge of my life. Although I love my doctors who are wonderful dedicated people, I had to learn that doctors are not God and they don't know your body like you do. I don't always follow their advice but I watch their test results very carefully. Most doctors treat symptoms. I am interested in a cure. Most doctors are not trained or will not learn about alternate medicines although this is changing. A lot of people don't come to this realization until its too late. I believe that if it don't hurt me and it may help me. I may give it a try.

The next 5 years I tried alternative medicines, fruits,vegetables, herbs, vitamins, mineral toddy, hydrogen peroxide and then a year long Macro Biotic diet of organic steamed vegetables, beans, rice and sea weed vegetables. All good remedies but not necessarily the right kind or the right amount. A long term plan was missing.

In 1996 the cancer went into my bone morrow. My doctors said that I would have weeks maybe months but not a year to live. I chose to do Chemo again. I changed doctors. Chemo knocked it out of my bone morrow however the tumors kept coming. To date I have had over 200 tumors removed from my skin, mouth, throat, tonsil and groin area.

Only a couple of times I thought I might die. I just thought that this was a relentless disease and I had to get it behind me, but how? I did a lot of praying and a lot of people prayed for me. People then began to show up in my life to offer other options.

I started a minerals and vitamins regiment. My energy came back but the tumors increase to a point where the doctors were encouraging me to take Chemo again. Another company refered me to Doug Lawrence. Doug seamed the most knowledgeable person in alternate medicines that I have met in the last 11 years.He explained the Enrich product to me and made recomendations. I felt a sense of confidence in him. Having a knowledgeable person to talk to during up and down times is priceless.

We became friends. We talk frequently about my condition. He is dedicated to seeing me well. We have been working together almost a year now. Doug taught me the basics. Clean out my intestinal system and build up the imune system. This is it is where most problems start. Radiation and Chemo will kill tumors, but if your intestinal track is still like a septic tank you haven't cured the root of the problem. Later on Doug refered me to a person who does muscle testing and Electordermal Screening to diognose exactly what I needed who taught me why it was important for me to take only the right herbs vitamins and minerals and right amount of each.

Since I started with Doug my skin has cleared of tumors for the first time in 11 years and now we are going after the parasite that may be my road to a cure.

Finally, I want to enjoy good health as I get older. I don't believe that the food we eat has enough nutrients to provide that. I feel and look better now than I have felt in 20 years. l eat live foods, have a exercise program three times a week and try to think good thoughts. I believe Doug and the Enrich company are dedicated to helping people help themselves live healthy lives. I am very pleased with the result so far.

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