My cat can see again

Approximately 2 years ago I came home and found my cat "Sylvester" on the front porch bumping around into everything. He was blind as a bat! His left eye was real bloody looking around the pupil and the right eye was milky looking.

I took him to the vet the next morning and she said that I had 2 choices. One was to put him to sleep and the other was to make a house cat out of him, UGH!!! Needless to say we had a hard time training a blind cat to use the box.

This didn't stop me from trying to save him. I put him on Cata, Lifepath and Goldenseal. The great news is that in about 6 weeks time he had graduated to going out on the front porch for short bouts, and in a couple of more months he was out running the neighborhood again but with only one eye. We were able to bring back his right eye but his left eye was damaged too much.

When we took him to the vet for that "mind altering" operation and she couldn't believe that he had actually gotten his sight back in his right eye and said that we might still have to take out the left eye. Its been over 2 years and NO MORE operations for Sylvester!! Thanks to the Enrich Products!! This was the ONLY MEDICATION that he took!!

Karen Willmon

Lafayette, Ga.

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