Menstrual Cramping

It's gone!

I am normally very skeptical about any kind of herbal, vitamin, hormonal, or miracle remedy. So, when my mother started shipping the bottle after bottle of Enrich products, I pretty much ignored them. It was by chance that I started using progesterone cream. I had run out of my normal face lotion, and being a bit lazy, I decided to just use the small bottle of yam cream that was taking up space on my dresser. I spread a dime sized portion on my face once a day, and didn't think anything of it until my next period started. I noticed that the cramping that had plagued me since high school was completely gone and the flow was less clotting and even. I used the cream more sporadically in the next month, but again, I had absolutely no pain during my period. Whether this is the cream doing or a natural function of maturing, I can't say for certain. All I know is that progesterone supplements are advertised as a remedy for painful menstrual cycles, and that I do, in fact, feel better.

Kay (18)

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