Degenerating Discs

I have something neat to share with you.

I received a great call tonight re-inforcing just why we do ENRICH! I have been working with a man in his 70's ( a friend of my dad's) who has diabetice and multiple other health problems. I ask Stanley if I could share his phone call, he said absolutely!

Stanley has been suffering with pain in his back and weakened muscle strength that was rapidly heading towards an invalid state. Several months ago Stanley ask Dad if there was anything that Enrich had that could help him. Afterall, he had watched my dad go from deterioration to a renewed vibrant health at almost 80 years of age, because of Enrich's life-changing products.

About three months we got Stanley started on the Structural Pack, Paraway Pack, EFA's. He immediately noticed better strength and flexiblilty was able to walk without falling down but still opted for surgery on his back. They found he had discs that were degenerating (when they did the surgery) and told him that it would take 6 weeks of therapy at Sisken's in Chattanooga before he would even begin to regain some of his strength.

Stanley took his Enrich product with him to the hospital and continued taking them once he came out of surgery. He regained that movement they said would take 6 weeks in just a little over one week. One of the employees at Sisken saw his Enrich products and remarked to him that he was taking the right company's products and to continue because it was obviously helping. I don't know who she is but we are grateful for her!

Stanley came home and as long as he stayed on the powerful pain medication he could mask the pain. The surgery had not relieved his pain and the pain was the only reason he had agreed to the surgery.

Approximately six weeks later his physician decided that Stanley needed to get off the pain killers and would not renew his prescription. Stanley called to see if Enrich had anything else that might help him. So we added Enjuvenate, being diabetic he takes it in smaller amounts than the norm. He has been on Enjuvenate for about 10 days in addition to his other supplements (he calls when he gets about 1/2 way out of herbs because he does not want to be without them).

Then last night he said the pain was so horrible he couldn't sit, stand, lay down, and sleep was totally out of the picture. So he got up and went to the kitchen and mixed up one scoop of Enjuvenate and.... PRESTO in 20 minutes his pain was GONE and slept like a baby for the first time in months! He is so happy, and I am happy for him. Isn't it great to be able to affect peoples' lives in such positive joyous ways! THANKS ENRICH

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