My dog's leg has healed

My dog's leg has healed

I wanted to tell you a great testimony concerning my dog. Jenny is half German shepherd and half Husky and is 10 years old. In October, we noticed she wouldn't come up the stairs to the back deck, where her food is. I had to carry her (she is a heavy dog) to get her up there. She had injured her rear leg. We watched her and continued to help her on stairs for about two weeks, and it wasn't improving, and she still walked on only three legs, so my 20 year old son, Dan, took her to the vet, who said she needed surgery because she had a torn tendon (no X-ray, just guessing I think).

We had left for a vacation, so Dan wanted to wait until we returned. My 86 year old father, who lives with us, and is a retired Naturopathic physician and an Enrich distributor, too, began giving her 2 Glucosamine, and 2 MSM in cheese, twice a day. By the time we returned home, she was much improved. He did that for about 2 months, and she is completely well. No surgery. I tried to add Enhance, but couldn't get her to drink it, no matter how I did it. I think she misses the cheese now. So, our products work really well on animals too. But we knew that didn't we?

Just sharing.

Marilyn King

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