Enjuvenate Testimonial September 1998

Rawleigh Boss Age 79

History: I have been troubled with emphysema for many years. Dr.'s felt it was triggered from hay dust growing up on the farm that damaged my lungs. I was a realtor and had trouble whenever I had to walk up hills to show property. Started on Enjuvenate August 8, 1998 and within 2 days noticed that I had more energy. Within the first few weeks had noticed how easy it was to breathe. I find that I don't tire as easily and can now walk farther. When I do start to tire I find that I recover much quicker.

Lydia Boss Age 85

I had been feeling very worn out and no energy or interest in life. I found myself eating meals and too tired to do anything but lie down on the couch immediately following and nap on and off through day. I have been a very active senior, involved in painting classes, church work and volunteer activities. I would drive myself to luncheons and meetings but for the past few months had no interest or energy to get out. Started on Enjuvenate August 8, 1998 and felt sleep was improving. Two weeks later told my husband I was taking the car to town, had booked an appointment to get my hair permed and was going out visiting. People were noticing a new sparkle in my eyes! Instead of falling asleep on the couch after meals I was now doing the dishes and energized enough to even wash the floor.

PS: The only concern we have now is that we will be asked for ID at McDonalds when ordering seniors coffee!!!

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