HELLO! My name is Michelle White.

About seven years ago I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a condition which develops when the cells in the lining of the uterus, called endometrium, accumulate outside and back up into the pelvic cavity. I had been experiencing extreme pain for a year, but it had reached to a point of being nearly intolerable. I was suffering with intermittent pain throughout my menstrual cycle. I had clots and sheds of tissue during menses, nausea and constipation during my menstrual cycle.

I told my mother about the situation so she called my doctor and told him my condition. He wanted to see me right away. When he diagnosed me I was scared to death. I was only sixteen years old at the time. My first thoughts were that I wasn't going to be able to have children. But he reassured me.

He prescribed me Anaprox, but it didn't seem to help. About a month after my diagnosis the doctor removed my left ovary because I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit. Two years after my surgery I me my husband Jeff. He introduced me to his aunt Burma Hicks. She put me on several of Enrich's products: Perform, Dong Quai, Vit. E, Lifiber and SFC, taking them in mega doses.

Three months later I had no pain and within six months the doctor could find no trace of Endometriosis. I still continue to take the products because there could be a possibility that it could return. Enrich has been a blessing to my family in many ways. I thank the Lord daily for bringing me to Enrich.

Michelle White Rainsville, AL.

My daughter, Melody, (now an Enrich Distributor) was in her early thirties when she got married. She had had endometriosis for some time. The doctors wanted to do a hysterectomy on her. She refused because she wanted to be able to bare children when she got married.

She did, as I said, get married, but because of the severity of the problem she had had, she couldn't even ovulate. She, of course, couldn't get pregnant. After waiting some time I contacted Doug Lawrence and he suggested some herbs to put her on. We did, and three months later she was pregnant. As a result, I now have a beautiful granddaughter named Lyric.

Thank God for the herbs he gave us and for the knowledge that he has given our researchers at Enrich!

Kenny Layne

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