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We have a wonderful 9 year old daughter, Jenna, born in 1988 in an uncomplicated delivery. She was very content, healthy, and happy for the first three years. As with most youngsters, every toy she had went into her mouth. In her third year, Jenna's began to change rather quickly. Her temperament went from happy to irritable and angry.

She began fighting the natural urges to have a bowel movement by squeezing her legs together. When she did finally have a movement, it was sometimes so large she would bleed. The medical advice received was that Jenna was going through the trying threes and because of the size of the bowel movements she likely had an enlarged bowel. We were to give her 4 tbsp. of mineral oil a day.

As Jenna reached school age, she was experiencing eye fluttering and learning difficulties. Behavioral problems increased. Our family Doctor and our Ophthalmologist both said that the eye fluttering was due to stress. Over the next four years, Jenna didn't get any worse or any better.

September 1st, 95, while walking home from school, Jenna had a grand mal seizure and was hospitalized. Testing and blood work revealed no cause for the seizure activity and we began an emotionally painful trial and error process to find the right anticonvulsant for her. From June 1996 to January 1997, Jenna had grand mal seizures at least twice a month; in February she had four, and March totaled six.

At the end of March, we met an Enrich distributor. We had researched everything available and were beginning to feel that she may have some nutritional deficiencies. We opted for the Paraway Pack program for Jenna starting March 28th, Good Friday. April 4th she had four seizures and four more that same month while on the program, but we remained optimistic. In the month of May, she started to improve slightly but something even more dramatic happened.

She passed three separate objects on three separate days in her bowel movement. The first two were not analyzed. The third object Jenna passed was 3 and 1/2 feet long, white and looked like a piece of linguini. We retrieved it and had it analyzed by a Lab. Not only was it non-parasitic but was reported to be of plastic origin. Did her little body store all the plastic toys she happily chewed as a youngster? We don't know, but after passing it, she went 26 days without a seizure. She had four more seizures in July and then they stopped.

Presently she has had 63 seizure-free days and we're so thankful for the Enrich products. Her learning ability is getting better every day. Jenna is now taking B Complex, LiFiber, and Natures Tea."

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