Epstein Bar

It all started with a cold and the flu, which wouldn't go away. It increasingly got worse to the point that all I wanted to do was sleep. I finally went to the Dr. and I was diagnosed with Epstein Bar. I also had symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. One symptom that comes along with Epstein Bar is that your skin crawl's, which is like having cold chill's all the time. I couldn't sleep with cover's, my husband couldn't touch me.

We called Doug Lawrence and he told me to start out with the cleanse pack for my liver. I also stopped drinking diet coke and eating sugar. I was starting to feel better but wanted something more. I had read about the Enjuvenate and felt that it would help me. I took it for one month and my skin had stopped crawling. Since I was feeling better, I decided that I didn't need it any more. Well my skin started to crawl again but even worse. Since I started back on it, the crawling has gone away. So as of today I am taking the Enjuvenate and chlorophyll and feeling great.

Thanks Enrich Suzy

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