Once upon a time....... There was this 15 year old girl (Kay) that didn't know much about life or about Jesus Christ. She fell in love with this 16 year old boy (Tom) that would change her life forever and ultimately lead her to the love of the Lord and for that she will be forever thankful. Later they married, had three children and one grandchild when this loving man would be diagnosed at the very young age of 38 with lung cancer. Unfortunately the couple would walk blindly in the throws of massive chemotherapy and radiation, and at the onset of these horrible treatments their first (and only to date) grandson would be born with severe reflux of the kidneys, requiring an extensive surgery.

Their middle "miracle child" that the couple was told they would never have, (Jeff) had suffered chronic breathing problems since he was born, at 8 years old his condition had worsened and developed into chronic asthmatic bronchitis. Jeff had been on so many antibiotics and other prescriptions that nothing worked anymore and the next step was inhalers. He could not participate any physical activity without experiencing such severe coughing attacks that it would restrict his breathing. Breathing was difficult for him most every hour of his life including sleeping. He didn't know what it was like to play like a normal boy!

Kay's mom (Frances Jurgens) had been diagnosed with an "angry" colon cancer & painful arthritis, and her father (Jerry Jurgens) was carrying around a 90% blockage on the discharge side of the heart, neither a candidate for open-heart surgery or angioplasty (balloon) due to severity and previous removal of the veins in his legs. Jerry was diagnosed a short time later with arteriosclerosis in his legs, with minimal circulation and a great deal of pain, was once again was told by the medical community that there wasn't anything available to help his particular case.

A hysterectomy had been performed on Kay, throwing her into a pre-mature menopause and forced to take synthetic hormone replacement and "scared to death" of this therapy. A fear fueled by the loss of her grandmother to a female-related cancer and coupled with her own mother's diagnose of cancer.

If this wasn't enough, massive financial burdens were mounting. The couple had lost thousands of dollars three years before in a franchise that went belly-up. Tom had always worked while Kay ran the business so there was still and income until..... two weeks prior to the diagnosis of cancer Tom was laid off (losing not only the income but insurance too). Kay had recently started in a sales job and soon was to pick up a second job to try and keep the family afloat!

The oncologist had told Kay that the lung cancer Tom had would back in two years and that modern medicine would have nothing to combat it at that point since they had given him maximum amount of both chemo-drugs and radiation. The doctor was right.... it returned in two years.

Two weeks prior to the lung cancer rearing its ugly head for the second time, long, begging, prayers were answered with miracle-making, life-changing products and loving caring members of Enrich International. As you read the rest of this testimony, bear in mind that this couple walked blindly with the advice of medical professionals & conventional treatment methods, at the onset of Tom's illness.

The preceding information is about me and my family (pre-enrich times), my name is Kay Mitchell and the following is HOW the direction of our good and loving Lord has changed my life, my family's lives, the lives of others and has allowed me to be a part of a wonderful Enrich family. He has truly blessed me with through a company named Enrich International.

My son Jeff never had to use inhalers. We started using Bee Pollen Granules, Allercalm, Natures Tea, Lifiber, Lifepath 50, Childrens Corepack and Life Aloe, Pro-bionic. In fact, we didn't have to keep our appointment to discuss the inhalers and additional treatment for his condition. Jeff's breathing became better almost overnight. Within the first week of supporting and balancing his body with Enrich's nutritionals, he began breathing normal and playing like a normal 8 year old boy. He now plays every sport he can possibly think of joining ! We were taking him to the doctor at a minimum of twice a month, with non-stop prescription drug usage, while many "rushing" him to many of those doctor visits. HE HAS NOT BEEN BACK TO THE DOCTOR for illness since he started this program (almost 4 years).

My dad upon hearing the words, "Sorry Jerry there is nothing else we can do to help you with your circulation problems" (they sent him home to continue deteriorating ). He finally agreed to "try" some of "those products from Enrich". Upon completing an oral chelation with the products listed and most recently adding in Enjuvenate and maintaining support with the Cardiovascular pack; the results are in and conclusive that in the physicians' words "your 20 year old blockage is in little tiny pieces, your arteries are spic-and-span clean, they have rebuilt themselves, you have complete circulation throughout your body with an exception of little tiny spot on your foot, which is no big deal" and the words he loved best - "YOU HAVE THE BODY OF A 49 YEAR OLD MAN"........ he will be 79 years old on March 31, 1999. The list of products are as follows: Maxi-chel, Megamins, Cal-mag, Liv, Natures Tea, LiFiber, Rev Complete, Potassium. (now Enjuvenate, Cardiovascular Pack, Natures Tea, Lifiber, Digestive Enzymes).

My mom, Frances, now seven years beyond the day of her diagnosis of colon cancer with ability to control her bowel movements and far more range of motion and less pain with the arthritis has regained a large portion of her health and life back that she had lost between the joint pain and the results from surgical removal of a large portion of her colon. The products mom uses are the Structural pack, Natures tea, Lifiber, Life Aloe, Una de Gato, Bee Pollen, Enhance, Express, Pro-bionic and Digestive Enzymes).

My hormones or lack of them, made me and my family crazy after the hysterectomy. It took months for my doctor to get me on even ground. Finally, after many prescription estrogen attempts Premarin seemed to worked. Still looming on my mind was the fear of cancer. I had tried to replace them with natural substances I found at the local shops and pharmacies but nothing worked. The minute I would go off the Premarin the massive hot flashes, skin-crawling feelings, headaches and wild mood swings would prompt me to forget the "natural" approach and head back to the drugs. Until Enrich came along. I initially started with several of Enrich products to target the hormone issue - Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Performa F and it WORKED ! Then Enrich came out with a progesterone cream based on 18 years of research by a medical doctor. I read so much inspiring information about this product called Wild Yam Cream that I decided I would try it, I was a little apprehensive to give up what was working and try something new, but I knew I could always go back to what had worked! The wild yam cream WORKED ! ! ! Therefore, now for hormone replacement all I use is Enrich's Wild Yam Cream and believe me I would kill if someone took it away ! ! I feel like a new person ! I also use a number of other Enrich products for basic health, immune building and prevention..... The American Society has stated the 50% of Americans will have cancer by the year 2000.... I choose to build my immunity!

My loving husband whom shall forever be a driving force for me to help and seek out others who need help. This one is the hardest to tell, not because he is no longer here to tell you himself but because I truly feel that if we would have had Enrich in the beginning and not walked so blindly with the harsh, toxic treatments...... he would be here to tell you himself what follows ( So in honor of a GREAT man, father and husband whom will always be loved.... a true story that may serve as a help and survival to someone else). I told you the lung cancer returned on schedule after two years. I had been told that when this happened he would have ( if his luck held out) MAYBE 6 months. We started cleansing, de-toxifying, and building with a quite large list of Enrich's herbs. In three months the tumor had reduced in size and for the next three years (remember this was second return) he was a picture of health. He astounded his oncologist, radiologist, radio-oncologist, and anyone that came into contact with him in the medical field. This was unheard of with that type of cancer. Tom was able to enjoy life in a healthy, healthy state. He golfed regularly, coached little league soccer and baseball. He looked healthier than most 20 year olds.... he was healthy!!! Unfortunately there was damage from the massive radiation. It had destroyed the lining of his lungs, which we were oblivious to! When people die from cancer they are normally on morphine due to the horrible pain. Tom never had pain and was never on a single pain drug. His legend will live on in his boys and his wife in helping others.

Now how did we afford to do all of this?? No, I was not making great money, knocking myself out working both jobs. Enrich offers a unique way to help yourself while you help others. In sharing this company and their life-changing products with others who have health and/or financial challenges we continue to be able to afford the alternatives for the entire family. I was able to quit my 2nd job in a few short months and am looking forward to soon quitting my "jobs" all together, to be a stay at home mom for my kids!!!! Made possible by an answer to prayer!

- Kay Mitchell -

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