For over 10 years the side of my left foot has hurt me severely. I have been to a lot of doctors medical and podiatrist but the problem never went away. The medical doctors always seemed to pass it off the podiatrist who always want to give me cortizone shots in my foot and tell me that I had a heal spur. Keep in mind that I said the side (outside of my left foot) of my foot hurt not my heal. None of their fancy treatments ever seemed to work and the pain would come and go for long periods of time.

I definately had a problem with it but I couldn't find out what was causing it. In November of 1998, I went one more time to the doctor and informed him that I wasn't crazy and that my foot was hurting so badly that I could hardly walk on it. The thought of getting out of bed in the mornings and putting weight on my foot would make me want to just scream. The doctor gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammant and it worked, well, as long as I took it anyway. I knew that there should be an herb to take the place of this drug and when I looked up inflammation in one of my herb books I found a simple little herb called "Devils Claw".

I started taking 2 a day and within about a week's time I noticed that my foot pain was not better but GONE!! I can see now why Enrich puts this herb in their Glucosamine AJF. It works great as a natural anti-inflammant for me and I have even added Glucosamine to my daily regiment to help enhance the Devils Claw. Thank you Enrich for all your wonderful herbs.

Karen Willmon

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