Healing broken bones

I have a wonder testimony to Enrich's Cal-mag.

I have a distributor whose mother fell injuring her ankle. She went to have it x-rayed and it was "sprain". It kept hurting her (weeks later) so she went to a orthopedist. Get this . . . her lower leg was broken in THREE places. Can you imagine?

Now this is a woman in her 60s with already arthritic problems. Her doctor wanted to do surgery that day and put pins in her bones. She said NO! He asked her to come back in two days and if the bones were not beginning to heal, that she would need surgery.

She started taking Enrich's cal-mag twice a day and 4 Glucosamines daily. In two days, she went back to her doctor and guess what?????? Her bones were healing and so surgery is not necessary.

I just love these stories. Carol.

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