I am writing the letter to explain my personal testimony about the HGH producing product that I have been taking since August 7th, 1998. I am 46 years old and in fairly good health to begin with however, I really have noticed a huge change in my body as a result of taking this product.

The following benefits have already appeared:

1. My energy level increased at least 100% immediately and has maintained this level ever since.

2. My body fat has reduced dramatically (I have lost 2" around my middle).

3. My whole body feels more muscular, solid, stronger and I have greater stamina.

4. My skin is thicker and more supple. 5. My fingernails are now a lot stronger.

I am looking forward to passing more information about my increased progress with this product. I think this is my product and I want to tell everyone how many benefits they can have by taking this product! I'm sold on it!



Just a quick note to welcome you to Enrich! Our new product Enjuvenate was introduced in late August and the testimonials that are coming in already, make this the most exciting product to EVER hit the health industry!

I am in the young sixties and since Spring my skin tone and muscle size have been deteriorating to the point where my arms were starting to look like an 85 year old. I had thought I was doomed to wearing long sleeves

for the rest of my life to hide the huge loose crater looking folds of wrinkly skin! Since I started using Enjuvenate August 8th, my muscles have increased dramatically and my skin tone is firm again! I also had a mark on my face that doctor told me was a pigment that comes with age and if I wanted, I could have it removed surgically because the meds he gave me wouldn't touch it - it has disappeared completely!


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