Hello, Etsuko!

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have found your site!

Two years ago, at age 45, I had a sub-total hysterectomy (retained both ovaries) because of multiple fibroid tumors.

Although I knew before the surgery that removal of my uterus would result in hormone deficiency, I also had heard the "horror stories" about the risks associated with estrogen and decided that I preferred not to take HRT but instead would take my chances without it.

Well, in the two years since the surgery it has become clear to me that SOMETHING has to be done to relieve the growing list of negative symptoms I have been experiencing--fatigue (inability to walk more than a few blocks, then legs become wobbly), muscle aches that don't respond to painkillers or bed rest, insomnia (or awakening prematurely and not being able to go back to sleep), frequent all-day headaches, shallow breathing and often a sensation of suffocating, depression, urinary incontinence--these have become a regular part of my life. Still, I resisted the idea that estrogen replacement was my only health alternative, so I went on a "net" quest to find information about natural hormones. Fortunately, one of the links led me to your site, and what I am reading about natural, plant-derived progesterone has given me hope that I can begin to feel good again.

I applaud your efforts to get the word out to more women that there is a safe, natural and highly beneficial alternative to routinely-prescribed estrogen and synthetic hormone replacement.

Although I have yet to start a health regimen using the progesterone cream, as well as other natural supplements I've begun learning about, I look forward to enjoying an improved quality of life as a result of this new knowledge.

Keep up the good work.


Gwen Cummings

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