Ruptured Disc, Dysplasia, and Arthritis

I have ruptured disc problems in my lumbar area that I was taking numerous anti-inflammatory and pain medications for relief, when I switched to the "joint relief pack" and bm&c+ and obtained the relief I needed without the prescription drugs.

My rottweiler started crying in pain when getting on or off the bed or couch and sometimes just could not get up without me helping her up by supporting and pulling her rear legs up under her. I knew with her advancing age, she was starting with some hip dysplasia and arthritis.

As a veterinary nurse, I knew the vet would prescribe steroids, probably adequan and rimadyl. These are also prescription medications and synthetic, not to mention, very expensive.

I thought to myself, the "joint relief pack" worked for me, why not Endora? I started giving her the "joint relief pack" and the bm&c+ I was taking. Within one week, she was out in the yard (fenced) running and playing with the new puppy. I no longer have to help her get up and she no longer cries in pain when getting upon anything.

A dog does not cry in pain unless their pain is very bad, much worse than ours. So when they cry out, they are further "gone" than we are in our degeneration.

I cannot tell you how pleased I was that I helped her without the assistance of artificial drugs.

The puppy I mentioned I got at 8 weeks of age and is a belgin malinois and will be a working large dog. I put him on the large breed puppy food so as to avert the overgrowing of growth plates that excessive calcium in regular puppy food causes which results in ocd (osteochondritis dissecans).

He still came up with the problem in his l/f leg. I started him on the "joint relief pack"minus the Arth, but added the bm&c+. He is now doing much better also.

The 2cc adequan injections the vet wanted me to give him twice a week for four weeks would have cost me $52.00 per cc injection at a total cost of $416.00 and is glucosamine in a sodium chloride base.

It was originally prescribed for race horses that went lame and later approved for dogs. I have been totally satisfied with what the "joint relief pack" has done for me and my animals.

The puppy is also on bee pollen as he broke out in hives and was chewing incessantly due to allergies. With the bee pollen, he has total relief.

Arlene Faires, Enrich distributor

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