I can't believe the changes

Sherry, Doug, I can't believe the changes that are already happening to me with the new enRich and Thin! I'm a carboholic. One of my major weaknesses is garlic bread and not just one little slice. Haven't craved it at all this week. In fact, haven't been craving any of my usual this week.

I've been reading about the low carb/high protein diet and have started changing my eating habits; but you know that when you crave something, you're going to eat it. I've not been tempted. Not this week!!!

I work spastic hours so sometimes I don't get home until after 7:00 which means I'm eating late. Not this week!!!!

Even when I get home at a decent time, I would go in, let the fur babies out the back door, reach in the fridge for something to munchie on while I feed them and then I'd fix dinner for me. Not this week!!!!!

And I'm sleeping all night! I have a history of waking up during the early hours of the morning and not being able to go back to sleep until almost time to get up. Not this week!!!!

Fridays are casual days at work. This morning I pulled on a pair of jeans. Note that I'm saying "pulled" and not "struggled into". I even jiggled them around a little. You could almost say that they're kinda baggy on the back side. The phrase "losing my ass" has a new and very special meaning for me and I love it!!!!

Both of you know that I've tried and tried to lose the weight but that it just hasn't worked for me. I'd lose a little after awhile and that would be it. I truly believe that with the success I've had this week that this is the product that will work for me. And this is just with the Burn caps. Can't wait to see what happens when I get the complete system! This new system is going to be so hot that everyone will be talking about Enrich! Also wanted to say thank you for your leadership. You are wonderful! Love you both,

God bless,


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