Jeff (12 years old ) thinks enRICH & THIN is GREAT

I LOVE the new weight loss!!! Not only do I feel great with lots of energy that is manageable energy not nervous energy, but I lost 3 LBS overnight !!!!!!!!! YEA!!!! I know it is water weight but so what! Also, I normally get up at least once during the night and hit the bathroom. I slept all night long without waking or getting up once!

But here is the great one. I gave Jeff (12 years old ) one packet yesterday and about a an hour later he was in my bedroom watching TV and fell asleep. He had shut and LOCKED the door. I went in to check on him and of course the door was locked. I knocked on the door and called his name and no answer. I tried again several times and no answer... at this time I didn't know if he was asleep or if I had overdosed him on enRICH & THIN. I started POUNDING on the door and SCREAMING his name... still no answer.

I ran for a small screw driver to jimmy the lock, got in and found him sound asleep. I checked to see if he was breathing ( a mom thing) and he was just fine. About 1 hour later I went in to put something in the closet and I woke him up. He woke up with a jolt and smile and jumped up and started helping me around the house, no complaints, just happily buzzing around, saying "Is there anything else I can do mom".

Before he went to bed last night he said "Boy I could sure use some of that stuff for school tomorrow". So, Mom and Jeff think enRICH & THIN is GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya, Kay

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