Karen Willmon wrote:

My husband David had been suffering from a kidney infection for over a year. No matter what we did it just wouldn't clear up. We had tried every kind of antibiotic the doctor had prescribed along with several home remedies and herbs but we couldn't get the infection to clear up. In May of 1998 David was finally sent to a kidney specialist. He discovered that David had a kidney stone, the size of a golf ball, in the middle of his kidney and it was completely blocked, but he never had any pain to suggest that he had a kidney stone. Surgery was the only option at this point because the stone had to come out. A one hour surgery turned into a four hour surgery because of the size of the stone.

They had a lot of difficulty breaking up the stone and removing it thru the tube which they had inserted in his side. The doctor called me several from the operating room to keep me informed of what was going on with the surgical team as well as David's condition. The last time he called me, he informed me that there was a very good chance that David would lose his kidney because they had bruised it so badly when they were trying to break up the stone.

When he told me this I immediately thought to myself, he's not gonna lose that kidney if I can help it. I said several prayers and with God's help and the herbs S K B, Cranberry, Golden Seal Liquid and Capsules and Echinacea the kidney was working great in 2 weeks. The doctor couldn't believe how good it was working when he went for his check up.

When I got David home from the hospital I gave him no choice, I told him that he would take 20 SKB and drink a bottle of Golden Seal Liquid before the sun went down. I wanted to get all the nutrition to that kidney as fast as I could because I didn't want him to lose it. He took 10 SKB a day for 3 months along with heavy doses of Cranberry, Golden Seal Capsules and Echinacea as well as drinking lots of Cranberry Juice. The kidney is doing GREAT thanks to God, the many prayers of our friends and these wonderful herbs from Enrich.

- Karen & David Willmon -

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