Enrich: Nothing short of a miracle

Dear Friend, What follows is something that I personally call nothing short of a miracle. I mean how could I have come so far without the help of God, a few friends, and Enrich International. I may vary a little from the main point, but I feel the need to tell you the whole story, since now I have waged a war on fat and getting healthy.

My name is Lonnie. I am a 27 year old nurse. In the year 1993, I began nursing school and I was at a fairly healthy weight; although I have always had a weight problem; at this time I was pretty healthy. Approximately 220lbs. and standing at 6'2" tall I felt o.k. Well little did I know that I hadn't a clue to what was fixing to happen. The stress of nursing school; triggered something within me, and by graduation of the LPN course after the summer of 1994 I was weighing over 265lbs. I was appalled and felt, terrible and ashamed.

I tried everything. All of the fad diets, going to the diet centers and getting to buy their foods in the neat little plastic wraps(at least 55-60 dollars a week), everything you can imagine I tried, including prescription drugs(which by the way if theirs nothing else you get from my story PLEASE understand some of the side effects of the weight loss prescription drugs.

Well a couple of years ago two good friends of mine Paul and Angelique Ratliff introduced me to a company called Enrich. A good business opportunity and a terrific way to get healthy. At this point and timed my self esteem was so bad forget the business opportunity; I just wanted to get healthy. Well, we sometimes being human beings are a little hard headed and don't really listen to the people who really love and care for us the most. So I got discouraged and quit.

Stay with me now; you still haven't heard the kicker of all of this yet. Sometimes last year I decided to seek the help of a bariatric surgeon. To perform a surgery called Gastric Bypass. At 275lbs. I felt my moral was gone, I was very depressed, and began to shy away from my friends, my family and basically the outside world. Please keep in mind this surgery is very very expensive and has significant risk. Some actually fatal.

This next paragraph actually kind of brings a lump in my throat and tears to my eyes. I one day decided I missed the gym and went to see a couple of friends. Angelique Ratliff and David Belli; who by the way I am very thankful for they cared enough to sit down witn me to finally bring me back to reality. I told them they had 3mos. and I would do anything they told me to, to get healthy and loose the weight. I never will forget sitting down that evening because I feel like that was one of the most important things that ever happened to me. The very first thing I did was start on Nature's Tea and Power Trim. Along with Cal Mag', and Norwegian Kelp. A lot less expensive than the prescription stuff and I started working out again (but no more than I had before I got discouraged).

I immediately noticed a difference and starting dropping a few of the pounds. I kept working at it and no it's not always a piece of cake but it's definitely easier when you have Enrich on your side. I continued to loose I finally stepped on the scale one day, it read 237lbs. I immediately got off and got back on; 237 again. Then along comes Enrich-N-Thin. Mind you at 237 lb.. when I started, and ONE WEEK LATER 225.7. I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe it. It's not possible. That's almost 12lbs. I am currently still on the Enrich-N-Thin. I have energy like never before, I'm loosing the weight like never before. I will never go back to the other methods I've tried before. I love my new Enrich-N-Thin.

I cringe when I think I might not have actually listened to Angelique. Can you just imagine if I actually went through the surgery. Thank God for Enrich, and the caring people who always somehow seem to make the difference. I now have found something that works. Sometimes we don't realize what we've been looking for all along was right in front of us.

So when you get a little depressed or do you know someone that doesn't think herbs work? Just tell them to wake up one morning, take a look at the sun rising, and you will see me and a new day, and a Miracle Just East of Ripley.

An Enrich Member for Life,


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