I didn't intend to lose weight when I started. I weighed over 320, wore a size 30 jeans (and I had to lay down on the bed to fasten them.) I figured I was going to die fat because I had tried everything, short of surgery. I had given up all hope of being thin.

In the year after I met Jerry Baily, I was diagnosed diabetic, with fasting blood sugar of 325, I had numb toes, the beginnings of cataracts and was on Prozac. My Immune system was shot. In May of '98 I had pneumonia twice, severe enough to be hospitalized and missed about a month from work. Everyone had serious doubts I would get better.

My dad dies in August '98 and I knew I had to do something. The Prozac kept me from feeling any grief and I loved my dad deeply. So I told Jerry I would take the herbs.

I began on the Paraway Pack, lost over 20 pounds the first month. Kind of like taking a bucket of sand out of the Sahara desert though. No on noticed, but I felt so much better so I added EnJuvenate and Native Legend Tea to build my Immune system. Went down to a size 24 in two months. Not much weight, but it gave me HOPE that I could lose weight. I added DIA, Chromatone and EFA for diabetes, and started on the BALANCE PACK.

Pounds started coming off. By May '99 I was off Prozac and diabetes medication, down to 220 pounds (size 20) no longer had numb toes, not even a cold since December. My vision improved so much that my Opthamologist couldn't believe it. The cataracts were GONE and I no longer wear "coke bottle bottom" lenses in my glasses. My Immune system is so good I healed completely, in just a week, from having a molar cut out. The Dentist was amazed.

At a family beach party, my daughters were also amazed to discover I no longer had varicose veins and spider veins covering my thighs. At 320+ pounds my thighs looked terrible. Now not even one broken vein. That was really exciting!

In mid October, when Burma came, I was under 200 pounds (size 18). She introduced Enrich & Thin. I started right away and am losing at the rate of about 2 to 3 pounds a week. I buy clothes too small for me now, which I would NEVER have done before! And, I have taken all my "fat" clothes to the consignment shop. I won't need THEM again! I'm wearing size "16", so I'm buying "14"s. When I go to the PLUS size department, most things are too big. I've only shopped in PLUS size shops for over 20 years! Soon....never again!!

I'm down to 177 pounds and loving it. Never felt better! NO medications, only God's herbs. I'm healthier than I've been in 30 years.

Recently I've run into people who have not seen me since Enrich products. I have to tell them who I am. They don't recognize me. One of my friends said "anyone 54 years old that had lost over 140 pounds should have baggy skin" I don't! They tell me I look younger, I know I feel Younger.

Now it's my mission in life to help others, like I have been helped. The money is GREAT, and I make a substantial amount but, the fact that I can help change the health (and wealth) of the world "one person at a time" is the greatest reward of all.

Sheralyn Corder

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