The 3rd week of January of this year my heart was ripped out when my son Larry, 28 years old, phoned and told me that he had cancer. He had Hodkins Lymphoma, it was a mass on his lungs which was larger than a Soft Ball ( atleast 4 inches in diameter), and located right over his heart.

This wasn't the worst news. He told me immediately that he didn't want to take the chemo and I asked if he would take herbs and he relpied " I will try anything but chemo!" I sent him Lifepath and he did the saturation, Red Clover Plus, Par d'Arco, LIV, Cats Claw, Nature's Tea, Native Legend Tea, Express, CLS, Cholorplasma & Lifiber. I also told him to juice Broccoli, Carrots & Apples and to eat organic foods & vegetables with little or no meats.

He came to Chattanooga to see Dr Nagle who told him the same thing that Dr. Negrea from Albany had told him with the exception that he didn't want him to quit working. He told him 8 to 10 chemo treatments also. Appoximately 8 weeks lapsed and even more test before he decided to take the chemo. He ask the doctor to xray him but he refused because he said if anything, it had grown and would only discourage him even more.

ONE WEEK after his first chemo treatment Larry called to tell me that he had some bad news and some good news. The bad news was that he had taken a chemo treatment and he had been sick and wouldn't have the money to buy me a mothers day present. The good news was that the doctor had xrayed him one week after the treatment and that the mass had sharank over half in size. With news like that I didn't need a Mothers Day present. This was truely the most valuable Mother's Day Present I could ever receive.

I knew we were on the right track with the herbs. The doctor told Larry that he didn't know what he (Larry) was doing but to keep doing it because the chemo didn't shrink it with only one treatment. Larry took only 3 chemo treatments and the cancer was gone. He never quit working during his treatments, and he experienced very little sickness. He forced himself to go to work and it helped to keep his mind occupied and off the cancer. He and I along with the many friends prayed every day and ask that God's will be done and that he would see fit that the cancer leave Larry's body, I had people that I didn't know come to me and tell me that they had Larry on their Prayer list. I'd like to say thanks to all those who helped us and especially thank them for their prayers!!!

He is currently maintaining with 1 cleanse Pack, basic nutrition program, I-Plus & Performa M and Lifepath.

- Karen Willmon-

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