Memory Loss

Fay shares ...

Before I started taking the Enrich products my health was poor, although by medical standards I was healthy (disease free). I had many problems - menopause, no energy, 12-15 pounds overweight, severe constipation and worst of all, memory loss. With Alzheimer's in my family, I was worried. When I voiced my concerns to my Doctor, he just laughed and said, "Fay, as we get older, that happens to everyone!"

Since I started taking the Enrich's herbs my memory gradually became better. Initially I was taking Power Trim, MEMO, and Vitamin E, and I realized a lot of energy. I went on Native Legend Tea and LiFiber along with Chloroplasma and my memory improved even more.

Today I can say my memory is very good but not perfect. The herbs have totally changed my life. I would also like to mention something trivial... sometimes we wonder if the herbs are really cleansing the system because we can't actually see anything happening? The whites of my eyes used to have yellow fatty deposits on them. I had asked my Doctor what was causing this and what could be done? He suggested when the deposits become larger I could have laser surgery. After taking Native Legend Tea for three months the fatty deposits were gone."

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