Extreme Poor Health

Joan shares ...

For years I suffered with numerous health problems. Chronic joint pain in my hands and feet, four to five headaches per week, adult acne, menstrual cramps so severe I would hemorrhage and be hospitalized, constipation and a weight problem. The headaches were severe enough that I was given prescriptions for anti-depressants and narcotics that produced terrible side effects. An appendectomy, two hemorrhoid surgeries, hysterectomy and shingles dispersed more misery. The total result was depression, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, and poor recall. A friend of mine introduced me to Nature's Tea and LiFiber and in one week I was regular. In August of 1996, I started on the Paraway Pack program for three months. In six weeks I had dropped two sizes and 13 pounds. My headaches disappeared and the chronic pain lightened. My skin cleared and the depression lifted. Enrich has turned my misery into pure joy!"

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