Prostate Cancer 2

My name is Betty Barnett, I am an Enrich Distributor, My success story is about my husband Edd Barnett.

In November 1993 he was having his blood work run to have a cataract taken off his eye. While he was at the Doctors office, I called and asked the Dr. to run a PSA on him, since he was taking blood anyway. He did, and the test results were 2.4. The Dr. said it should be under 2, but he didn't think anything was wrong, he told us to come back in three months.

In the meantime we were taking out some personal insurance on ourselves. I had to be examined by the nurse who came to the house, however Edd had always been in perfect health so they didn't examine him. In May 1994 we received a notice from the Insurance Company that Edd didn't pass, because after getting some information from the Dr., Edd didn't go back for his three months check up, therefore there might be a problem with his prostate.

We went back for another PSA and it was 6.0. We were referred to a Urologists at that point. After a thorough examination they found cancer, which was malignant. They ran all the bone test, but all of them were negative. They gave us all the options of surgery, radiation and all the rest. A friend came by the house and talked to us about Cryosurgery. And a place to call and get more information about it. After calling the Cancer Advocate Group they sent us literature pertaining to the surgery he had in June 1994.

For four years his PSA stayed around 1.0-1.6. We would go to Atlanta every three months for a check up. but in February 1998 his PSA started rising again. It was back up to 3.0. We made six trips to Atlanta GA in a two week span for bone scans and exams to find the location of the activity. The activity was confined to an area lower than where they operated before. At this time Dr. White decided to use a form of chemotherapy that was in experimental stages. They inserted a female chip in his stomach. We would go every three months for the chip.

Here is where the success part starts. I had been a member of Enrich for quite a while but only took the herbs when I thought I needed them. But my son and daughter-n-law ( Randy & Tammy Barnett) insisted on Edd taking herbs from Enrich. They contacted Doug Lawrence and he began giving Edd herbs for his prostate. We took some literature on Enrich's herbs to Dr. White, and he said for Edd to take all the herbs for the prostate he could, because from what he had read and the tapes he had listened to, Enrich's herbs were the best he had heard about. After going since February to Atlanta GA and taking the herbs Edd's PSA in August 1999 had dropped to "0". GOD has really been good to us, Edd works every day and we praise GOD and continue our prayers and take our Enrich herbs religiously!!

Betty & Edd Barnett Chickamauga, GA

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