Prostrate Cancer

My father, Claude Cameron was diagnosed with cancer in January 1999. He had symptoms for several months, but kept thinking that it would go away. When he finally went to a doctor our worst fears were confirmed. Not only did he have prostrate cancer, it had also spread into his lower pelvis.

As soon as his doctor told him it was cancer, dad told him that he would not even consider chemotherapy or radiation. He'd seen friends and family ravaged by these treatments and wanted no part of it. I was actually relieved by his decision. At 78, they would have cheated us out of what precious time we had left with him.

My son and I started researching on the Internet, where we came up with Enrich. Enrich put me in touch with Kim Guffey. She gave me information about Native Legend Tea and several herbs that she felt would help my dad. She knew my fears and desperation through her own experience with her infant son. Knowing that her little boy now cancer free, and that she had a strong faith in God, made me feel that my dad had a chance to beat cancer.

The first couple of weeks after my dad started drinking Native Legend Tea, my spirits soared. Every night I would stop after work, expecting to see a dramatic change. When things didn't happen I would remember Kim's words; "You have to have faith in God, and you can't have negative thoughts." The faith part wasn't a problem, but there were times I really had to fight the negative thoughts.

After about six weeks it was if someone (my guess is God) snapped their fingers and dad started improving daily. The day I pulled in his driveway to see him weed eating it was quite a shock!

It is now August--seven months after dad's diagnosis. In January his PSA level was 198. Last week, his PSA level was tested again. This time it was a 1!

My parents celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary in March; dad's 79th birthday was in May. He's regained the 30 pounds that he had lost earlier, eats whatever doesn't eat him first, and does all the things he did before he got sick. If God were to take my dad today, I would still be thankful for the wonderful last few months that he was given.

Even though Kim won't take credit for helping my dad, (she gives all the credit to God.) I will never be able to thank her enough. I do believe that God intended for our paths to meet, and I know that she was also there every step of the way.

Sharon Galati

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