My vision is improving

Hi, my name is Robert Eric Moeser

I have experienced great success with many of Enrich's products, but the testimony I would like to share with you today is about CATA and Bilberry.

Beginning ten years ago, my vision began a steady descent into blurriness. Each year, I required thicker and thicker glasses to see with, and was told that my eyesight would continue to worsen.

I decided that I would take a proactive stance on the situation, and try some of Enrich's products for eyesight. During the first week of taking CATA and Bilberry, I noticed a slight worsening in my eyesight, but I was familiar with homeopathy and was aware that this was normal for the symptoms to worsen slightly at first. I continued with the treatment, and my eyesight returned to normal.

After a few weeks, I went to the optometrist to get new glasses. I was shocked to learn that I only needed minor adjustments to my prescription (so minor, in fact, that it is the lowest amount they can increase the strength of the lenses. Any less, and the prescription would not change.) I was very happy about this, as my lenses were getting thicker each year. Now, thanks to Enrich, my vision is improving, and I'm feeling great!

Robert Eric Moeser

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