Daniel's Training Program

Daniel shares...

As a firefighter in training for the World Police & Fire Games, I started with a Paraway Pack cleanse for a month or so before adding ActiCise, Bee Pollen, Cal Mag Chelate and later, Megamins. As the games approached, I could tell that the stored energy I had was phenomenal. I cycled 26kms to work everyday and felt fired up and energized all day.

I won a gold medal in the rowing event, setting a new games record and I placed sixth in two mountain bike events. By the third lap of the big cross-country race, I didn't think I was going to finish. I reached for the Winner's Edge in my water bottle and ate a Sensatiable Bar and I couldn't believe it; I passed six guys in my last lap, all of them in my age group. The Enrich products are great and they work!

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