Marti Settle from Texas, EnJuvenate Testimonial

My daughter in law's grandmother had a major stroke last year that left her totally paralyzed on her left side. She was out of state and by the time she was airlifted back to Texas, 2 weeks had lapsed. She was completely paralyzed on the left side, could not talk. The doctor's had given the family very little hope for much recovery.

When she got back here, we made the decision to try the Enjuvenate. We put Jane on a regimen of 1 scoop of Enjuvenate every day instead of 2 scoops every day. This was done because she could hardly swallow because of the paralysis. When we used the Enjuvenate we had to use a thickener called Thicket to give it more body so she could eat it (she couldn't swallow liquids).

After 24 hours, she experienced an amazing beginning of recovery. The first day she could lift her left arm and started to be able to move her left leg. Within 48 hours she could lift her left arm and leg. Within a week she was pronounced "fit enough" to be moved upstairs and begin rehabilitation. After 30 days she went from a wheelchair to a walker. When she left the hospital by October she hardly needed the walker and her speech was much improved. She continues to improve.

She went off the Enjuvenate for awhile and her progress stopped. Recently she started taking the Enjuvenate again (because she got scared after a fall) and is actually starting to see even more improvement.

It has not been over a year since Jane's stroke and she is doing well. Whenever I see her she comes up and hugs me and tells me she loves me. She is such a sweet lady and is a real trooper. She now can dress herself, feed herself and often cooks in the kitchen. She and her husband are traveling again (he is retired) and recently completed two road trips in the car (one to Houston from Dallas and another to Colorado Springs for a family reunion.)

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am. Jane is a very special person and I know that her family was not ready to lose her or to commit her to a nursing home. With God's help, Jane will enjoy some more good years and the family will be blessed to have her around longer. I know that my grandsons (her two great grandsons) really love Grandma Jane and I would hate to see them have to go through the grief of losing her now. I fully attribute Jane's remarkable recovery to the Lord and Enjuvenate and Jane's determination. We felt we had nothing to lose and everything to lose. We were blessed because it worked for Jane. If someone in your family has a stroke will you be ready to try Enjuvenate? I hope so.

Marti Settle

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