I got my health back

I was first introduced to Enrich herbs when my sister was diagnosed with a severe case of osteoporosis. After we started her on the herbs, we decided I should also try and get my health back. I have had major health problems for the past 15 years. I have had allergies to everything since my teenage years.

They became worse about 15 years ago. Approximately that same time, at the age of 37 years old, my doctor put me on premarin and provera, because he assumed I was going into menopause. My symptoms were hot flashes and irregular periods. I did not question him and I did not know I had other options. After a while it helped my hot flashes and my periods were more regular. I also didn't realize it would be all down hill after that. Whatever problems I already had, got worse and what ailments I didn't have yet I would have to deal with over the next 10- 15 years. My allergies led into severe asthma. I have 3 oxygen tanks in my home, many different inhalers and a breathing machine, in which I would put a cortisone mixture. I used all these constantly. Many times the ambulance came and took me to the hospital. Sometimes I stayed a few hours, but other times I stayed days or weeks. When it was that bad heavy doses of cortisone were prescribed.

I also have a back problem, degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. I have been through MRI's, raction, pain medication, muscle relaxers, and again cortisone. I was in constant pain and cried alot whenever I did any kind of physical work. I was told to stay in bed for days or weeks and take it easy at all times. Having a small child at the time, a house and going to work, that was quite impossible to do. Then I also developed arthritis in my knees. Once again, cortisone was the answer. I lived on pain medication daily. Because of all these drugs, especially cortisone, my hair was thin and at times came out in klumps. That really scared me.

Over the years I had a large weight gain, which was much more difficult to lose because of the synthetic hormones. In between all these problems I also started seeing an allergist. Now I was getting allergy shots weekly, and eventually every other week. I did this for 5 years. If at all possible, I felt I was getting worse, not better. I finally just stopped going.

Approximately 5 years ago I was very depressed and tired all of the time, along with a stomach and esopagus problem. At times it was so painful to swallow I thought I was going to pass out. This led to an esophagus operation in which they cut through scar tissue and stretchd the esophagus. I attribute this to all my inhalers and daily medication. The doctor also found a hypo-thyroid problem. I was given another drug called synthroid. This drug would also be taken for life as was premarin and provera. I didn's seem to be getting better. In fact I was developing more problems every year.

These are my major problems, but I still have some others. I went to doctors weekly, monthly etc., from allergists to neurosurgeons. They all treated the symptoms, not the disease. I was so upset with everything and everyone. I stopped my hormones about 3 years ago and slowly went off synthroid and replaced it with natural kelp.

I did not plan on living too long and certainly not on celebrating my 50th birthday. I had not made plans for a long term job with benefits or any type of retirement savings. Everytime I had an asthma attack I thought it was my last and my life was over.

When I started the herbs I worked with the basics at first, Paraway, Lifiber, Natures Tea, for cleansing, Bee Pollen for allergies and the immune system, glucosamine for my back and knees, and the respiratory products for my asthma. I also use Wild Yam Cream daily for hormonal balance.

Since I have been on the herbs, I have not used any oxygen, or breathing machines, and have even cut down on my inhalers almost totally. I have not had to take medication for my back or knees. I no longer have to visit all my doctors on a regular bases. In fact, I have not seen a doctor in 2 years. The last 2 years have been better than the past 15 years of suffering with so many different medical problems.

I feel the Enrich herbs are essential in achieving and maintaining everyones good health. I also want to thank Susan Kemp for all of her sincere concern and knowledge and introducing my family to Enrich International. I feel I have my life back.

Susan Streit

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